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Never modify or update your gig

2 days before i modified my gig and it was on the top of first page now it is not showing even in search after updating .what should i do ? any solutions ?


Give it a few more days and it will probably show up somewhere in search. When you edit a gig it is always going to affect rank for better or for worse. It takes time for someone to check what you’ve changed, so it always disappears at first. It still makes sense to modify or update gigs if they aren’t performing well. If they are performing well, then it makes better sense to leave them alone.

If it doesn’t show up by title keywords after it’s been back live for 7 days, write to Customer Support and very politely ask if they can check on it. They have the ability to give it a push and sometimes they will.


Thank you very much for your nice cooperation!


We never really know what CS does with their canned responses:) And sometimes not even understanding your concern.

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start seo like before.
there is no alternative.
hope it will help you :blush:

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