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Never offer something for free

If there is a short delay on your delivery.

You will end up with 2 account warnings.

  1. First warning for not delivering the free content. (I did. Within 20 minutes of realising I had forgotten, but apparently, that wasn’t enough for customer support after the client complained). This was defined as ‘abusing the client’ because I was ‘withholding’ delivery of free content (I wasn’t, I genuinely forgot and corrected my mistake the second the client informed me). Cheers, Nick in customer support!

  2. Second warning for bribery. Wasn’t really my intention, but whatever.

The message from customer support was capped off with:

“further warnings can lead to your account becoming permanently disabled”

They state that the warnings will never be removed.

So, basically, I was f****** over by offering free content! I admit, it was a mistake not sending it, but I genuinely forgot and I delivered within 20 minutes of the customer telling me that I had (it was being sent through the messaging system, not the delivery system).

I don’t begrudge the customer. I begrudge the fact that I have an incredibly harsh punishment for a genuine mistake. Didn’t expect anything less based upon my treatment from CS in the past (allowing my clients to steal content and cancel orders etc. although, they now seem to have banned one of the people that did this. I still have the 7 automatic cancellations they left, though!)

Why on earth would you offer anything for free? Jeez.

I was making up for a delay. It was just a short piece of content which took 10 minutes. It was when I was delayed on my content due to the large order I mentioned here previously (which I was wrapped up in, I don’t know if you remember). So the original order was cancelled. The customer gave permission for the automatic negative feedback to be removed, and I said I would send the content (it was basically complete anyway, so I lost nothing on it, and I wanted to do it as I had permission)

Certainly was not worth the hassle that it has caused me.

First time I have ever offered something for free and this will be the last time I ever do. I mean, who thought that Fiverr would punish somebody so harshly when they are not even being paid for it?

Here’s some free advice, don’t offer anything for free… :stuck_out_tongue:

I am interested in the second warning for bribery. What was that about?

The customer agreed to have the negative feedback for cancellation removed. I then said I would send the content as a thank you. The content only required proofreading at that point anyway, and it was useless to me.

That is what they meant by bribery.

I see.

Did CS use the word bribery? If you posted screen shots it would be interesting to know what not to do or how not to word it. I’ve never heard of them saying you can’t offer goodies in exchange for review removal.

The word bribery was not used. It was heavily implied:

“Please know that withholding a delivery for a change in feedback change is not allowed.”

I didn’t withhold a delivery. There was, quite literally, no order in place. The feedback had been removed well before that point anyway.

Nick cleared it up a little:

“even though it was not necessarily for an active order it was still a promise you have made to your buyer.”

Going back through the messages, customer support actually said this:

“Please note that will be willing to remove warning if you contact your buyer and deliver what was promised.”

So, I delivered. They technically DID remove the warning related to that order, but they replaced it with a new one. Seems a little bit underhanded to me. They promised I would have no warning the second I delivered the content (which I did within 20 minutes of receiving this message)

@ryangillam That’s pretty weird. Thanks for clarifying. I’ve always been told to work with buyers if there is a feedback in question no matter if it’s 4.9 stars all the way to 1. I haven’t had an automatic one star so I don’t know if that’s different, but that’s an odd situation for sure.