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Never received order neither a response ! Need refund


I ordered and intro and outro from a seller , he never replied to me neither deliver the order I’m waiting for an answer or a refund please !


You can visit the resolution center to cancel your order. Click here to know more.

You can also directly contact customer support at
They can cancel the order for you.


If sellers didn’t deliver within the order timeframe and you got an email from fiverr saying that you order is “late” then you can just go on your order and cancel the order automatically.

But you didn’t give us all information so we can’t really help without knowing whole story.

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It has an easy system provided by fiverr. For late oreder, click on cancellation going on the order page. Try it

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Sorry about your situation.
Please send a message to the seller, again may S/he might be on vacation.

Alternatively, you can navigate to the order page and cancel the order so you can get another seller for your project.

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