Never recieved what I paid for and still have yet to hear back from customer support!


I paid for a logo to be created and all final files, I received a draft to look at and then never received any final files. It has been 6 days and I have not heard from anyone and I was already charge for the service. I feel like this was the biggest scam and there is no number for me to even contact someone over the phone! Anyone else have a similar experience or advice for what I need to do to get my money back?!?!


I never marked the order as complete, I told him which of the drafts I liked, then wrote a message asking when I would receive the final files since I paid the extra money for them, I never heard anything back, then two days later I wrote an email, then a day after that wrote another email after seeing they put a comment and thumbs up saying logo was according to your requirement. I wrote two emails to the resolutions center and have not yet heard back. I will try submitting a ticket. Thanks for the comment.