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Never register a complaint about the rudeness of fiver staff

You end up suspended from any support such as it is.

interesting point. We lost our Top Rated Seller badge (reduced to level 2) simply because we made a comment on this forum. They never told us what we said wrong.

Hmmm, I wonder. I know I have spoken out many times but they never suspended my account for it. I must admit, I held my breath at times and wish I could take it back but it never was a problem speaking my mind, at least so far it has not. Maybe things have changed.

So you complained about staff and were surprised when they did not want to help you? :expressionless:

@mikethetek Please don’t privately message me unless you have business that you want to discuss.

"shame i didnt find you earlier, i have a $2850 budget to spend on articles and blogs for clients and my own stuff

thank fiver staff for the loss for me."

Yeah…I won’t be doing that.

that’s the way you take it, that’s your choice to take it that way.

keep smiling. :smiley:

Reply to @edume: they never do, the gig censorship changes from one day to the next.

Reply to @mikethetek: Haha, yes that’s for sure!

Reply to @misscrystal: yes I was silly enough to take offence at their rudeness and ask how much longer I needed to wait for a reply after waiting 2 months on some questions.

very silly of me that customer support was for, errrr, supporting customers. lol

Reply to @steveeyes: it would seem that customer service as a term or function within a business is unknown to fiverr. very many of my very regular sellers have said exactly the same thing and they take a higher % than most.

Reply to @edume: It’s not totally unreasonable that what we post on the forums can be used as grounds for taking away TRS, since what we say on the forums is one of the criteria for choosing TRS. I’d be interested to know what the comment was that lost you your TRS badge.

Reply to @emasonwrites: shame you took something I just chuckled over trying to be light hearted with such rude seriousness.

Oh well, we cant all have a sense of humour.

Reply to @mikethetek: There’s nothing in that message that indicates it’s supposed to be lighthearted; in fact, it seems like you’re trying to make me feel badly about Fiverr because they lost me your business…not really sure where the joke is supposed to be?

I love it when people do something jerky and then try to pass it off as a “joke.”

Reply to @emasonwrites: oops, wrong place

that’s the way you take it, that’s your choice to take it that way.
keep smiling. :smiley:

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Reply to @mikethetek: :slight_smile:

Reply to @mikethetek: yes, but if that is the way you are approaching Fiverr and Fiverr can read all your messages, maybe Fiverr banned your account for many things like that.

Reply to @sincere18: So often, people say things but it’s what’s under the surface that is what gets them in trouble, not what they say outright. I’ve seen lots of forum comments that were controversial and didn’t lead to anyone getting in trouble. When people say something controversial and it gets attention so that their messages and gigs are examined more closely, a ToS violation is what probably does the real damage. People rarely admit that in the aftermath.