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Never seen this before


Fiverr thinks my buyer has not been online on fiverr for 47 years. I don’t remember them being around that long ago… :laughing:


Never mind the bug, look at that grammar!


Yeah. Apparently fiverr’s system got so confused that it forgot how to grammar (intentional bad grammar)


Maybe it’s to do with the Unix epoch (see “Unix time” in Wikipedia) where it stores dates/times by storing the number of seconds elapsed since 1st Jan 1970, which is about 47 years ago. It might be it had a null/unset date/time so calculating the difference between that time and now would return a result of about 47 years (instead of checking the date/time was set/valid before doing the calculation).


Ah ha. That could be the problem. I do sometimes have time problems on Linux when switching between Windows and Linux so perhaps they were migrating a sever.