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Never work with other Fiverr sellers

I am beyond furious. Someone messaged a few days ago asking for a sales copy for a reseller website template. i.e Buy the template, then make megabucks pretending you are a digital marketing agency when really you outsource everything.

I sent an offer, delivered… And the buyer hates my work.

Not to blow my own trumpet here, but the vast majority of people love my work. Those that don’t are people who either don’t understand it or are other Fiverr sellers. This buyer happens to be both.

Just as their order is about to be marked as complete, they open a dispute asking to cancel. I declined, stating I do not cancel orders but would revise their work. I also pointed out that a new example article they want me to copy the style of sounds like a template for a multi-level marketing scam, but if that is what they want, I’ll write in that style.

Long story short, the buyer is now threatening to report me to Fiverr because of the services I offer unless I cancel. I’ve declined that invitation. I’ve also pointed out that I offer nothing against Fiverr TOS and actually, blackmail kind of is against TOS.

This whole situation annoys the hell out of me. Why? It’s not just being blackmailed. The vast , majority of all my unstarted orders and canceled because they never stated orders are from fellow Fiverr sellers. I’m not saying the present case is sabotage. However, I am saying that petty much unless you work with a fellow seller form the forum, fellow Fiverr sellers are pretty much the worst people you can ever hope to work with.


I know for a fact that at least two of my bad reviews are acts of sabotage and probably all of them.
You know that what you deliver is universally liked and appreciated after seven years of doing it. You also have in place a few “tests”, things you look for whenever an order is placed.

It is also helpful to have a finely tuned intuition which almost never alerts to anything being amiss but when it does it’s definite. In my case my intestines are the first to know.


Well, I just cancelled.

The buyer asked me to confirm what I had said in a message. Specifically, this one:

The wording is exactly mine. However, they have photoshoped the entire message. I never write "hi’ etc in small caps. I’m not a mek-sell like the buyer seems to be.

I absolutely hate canceling. However, I’m not even entertaining dealing with someone who will go to lengths to photoshop evidence to show CS.


I admire your courage in calling him out that way on the one hand, but it was a given that things would not go well after that, on the other hand.

You realized from what he wanted you to do he is not an honest person so he deals with everyone dishonestly. I’m so sorry you had this happen.


On :name other place: I learned fairly quickly to never work for Click Bait and other scam sites. Not only do they butcher anything written for them but they pay horribly and make demands no decent human being would. Yay internet.

I get the impression from the Forum that there are some good people on Fiverr but many, many are not so honorable.


I wrote a copy that will rank for low competition keywords in the buyers’ niche and would make me consider buying their product. Their complaint is based on them not liking that my copy does not sound the same as an MLM scam template and 3 Fiverr gig sales pitches from gigs which have 1 - 5 reviews. i.e. They are not selling.

There is no pleasing these people.


I’m probably one of very few people who actually has taken a college class in business ethics.

Main thing to take away from that class:

Being honest and ethical at all times is a very smart business tactic.


I do understand. I get the same types once in a while. They want something that is wrong and stupid. And don’t realize the folly of the request, nor will they listen.

I try to tell them what is best for them but they think they know better or pay no attention to me. They are unteachable.

This is so true. I had a great regular buyer for 4-years. Suddenly, they sold their business and a new person took over orders. Whoever this person is has no comprehension of English. They butcher what I write. I discovered that this was happening because they order for $20 from me, before having a non-native English language person proofread and edit my work.

Now I try to filter buyers by their own proficiency in business and English. Sadly, this one slipped through the net.


That sounds horribly frustrating.

I agree, especially the new seller with same service we have.
I got many experience where new seller ask to become “reseller service” by demmand a cheaper rate and ask to talk outside fiverr to discuss it further. This is soo foolish.
No mercy for this kind of seller, ban and reported!


Surely the suggestion is in the thread title - to “never work with other Fiverr sellers”, and he thanked him for that.


Just WOW. How on Earth these people get up in the morning is beyond me.

I get it, I soooo get it. The vast majority of people that have ever had a problem with me are either unbearably incompetent or just don’t know enough to make an educated decision.

Honestly, just cancel and report the guy. Last time I was in a situation like this I ended up with my first warning. Save yourself the annoyance and headache. Had a run-in with a similar client and ended up with a pretty trash review and a whole lot of frustration. I commend you on taking a stand but it really ain’t worth it but if you want to see this through then power to ya.

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I just had a wonderful experience with another fiverr seller who is in my category. Ordinarily I steer clear of this but this client was unusually enlightened and professional. It was so good to meet someone with similar gigs and interests to mine who has loads of experience, and is mature, wise and genuine.

Lately I’ve gotten so many half baked messages, incoherent questions, people who just want to know how it works without buying and time wasters. It stands out when someone is respectful, intelligent and not there to waste my time.

Tonight I got another message starting out “I don’t believe in this stuff but let’s see you change my mind.”


This is why I canceled. However, this is now my second cancellation this month. The first was the result of a buyer ordering 1 x 500-word article and requesting 35 x Facebook ads and a video script. Because of the unseen rating impact, I can already feel the gears of an amazingly successful last 40-days grinding to a halt.

This is why I loath Fiverr at times.

On the upside, it is going to be fun watching this buyer dig their own marketing grave. They want to rank in Google for ‘Internet Reseller Agency.’ They think this will help them sell a website template that basically offers services like SEO and content writing, which users outsource to freelance sites when they get orders.

The crux of the buyers’ complaint comes down to the fact that I focused on terms like ‘setting up a digital marketing agency’ and ‘SEO reseller’ because these better escribe their service and get 10K searches per month in Google. By comparison, ‘Internet reseller agency’ gets 0 - 10 searches and returns dropshipping themed results.

I just don’t know why some people even buy on Fiverr.


Feeling the full brunt of that as well. Plus, the new “relevant review” layout ain’t really helping. I’m stuck with a length 3 star review as the top one for almost a week now by a buyer that didn’t even know the basic restrictions of an Amazon listing.

This has been a rough month all around with people with no experience whatsoever trying to bank on that sweet holiday cash. Maybe I’ll take some time for R&R this month.


Since that “relevant review” thing has come out the last two bad reviews I got made sure they were using every single bit of space to make sure they stay relevant as long as they can. It chooses the longest reviews to feature. The ones who want to sabotage love that.

Only other sellers know that trick that it uses the longest reviews. Both reviews were ridiculously long. Sad they think it’s going to have a major affect.

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Yep, and I hate it. It serves no purpose other than ruining your week. It’s either you cave in at the first sign of any trouble or well good luck.


Why care when it’s so unjust. I know after being here so long what is going on when I get a bad review such as the two more recent ones. It’s no mystery. It’s also obvious from the time they order. Nothing I can do about it.

I was here four years and eight months without one negative review.

The last bad review was two weeks ago and she used the full eleven lines. She really was fishing for what to say, and included how she is a “woman of integrity” who will come back to change it. She will be sure to do it.
Every. Last. Space.

Since when can a review take up eleven lines? I could only use three lines to respond. That’s the longest review I ever saw.

That gig has been here for seven years without one bad review. That was my punishment for refusing to give an “interview” to some weird twit.


This is the problem at the core of Fiverr. Fiverr policies and improvements impede seller success and productivity.

Fiverr automates asking all buyers for tips. - Buyers leave fewer tips. Fiverr tries to discourage sellers from canceling orders. - Then makes it more necessary to cancel orders because it’s easy for maniacal buyers to blackmail and harass sellers, or just refuse to accept deliveries.

I was so much happier and less stressed in life in general when Fiverr was just Fiverr and not Micromanage Everything Land.