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Nevermind.. just leave the title like this

Just like the title.

I reduce my price because my gigs too quiet.
And the two of buyers last month cancelled the orders… my success rate become 71% :((((


My Gigs :
[] (Anime Illustration GIG)
[] (Manga and Comic GIG)

@artkapele nice GIG now you need to complete some order, then increase your success rate hope your Success

What’s the point of being on Fiverr if you’re going to underpay yourself? And undercharging attracts unscrupulous, incompetent buyers. It may not even attract buyers at all.

Never assume that price is the reason you aren’t getting sales and don’t exploit yourself to try to get sales.

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Well, i try to attract buyers with low price until i become level one (thats my first mission).

But two buyers last month canceled the orders and make success rate only 71%.

I dont know but i think that give impact to my gigs become less appeared in top pages.

It’s wrong to assume that will solve your problem. You haven’t even identified what the problem is. You’re just assuming that undercharging will fix it. That’s not how business works.

And you’ll also attract the kinds of buyers who cancel, leave bad reviews, etc., which will put you in worse shape than you are now, anyway.

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It’s not the price that’s the problem. The description is pretty much the same on both your gigs - and both are very short.

Do some research into what buyers of your gigs are looking for. Niche down … and add a more descriptive description