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New 3d Artist on fiverr

I am new to Fiverr I would like to show more of my projects, however I cannot add more of my projects to my gig. Do I have to create another gig?


Each gig has space for 1 video, 3 images and a pdf. If you run out of space for your projects, think about adding them all to a pdf - that way you can show more of your work and update it regularly.

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Thank you for your reply. How would I make a pdf for a video?

Personally, I make the document in Word and save it as a pdf. If you want to add videos, I’m sure google will help you.

Alternatively you can create an account in YouTube specifically for your Fiverr gigs - and nothing else - and add a link from your gig. No method of communication outside Fiverr allowed. Everything should link back to your own fiverr profile/gigs

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Thank you for your help.

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