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New A Search Engine Design


My business partner and I are looking to build a new search engine, called Search Engine Now. I would like for someone to make a general search homepage idea. If you could do this, please let me know. I just need a jpg of a clean looking search engine homepage idea.



Do you mean you need something like a UI design? For the search engine you are going to develop?


I suggest following the Google model of a very blank plain home page. That home page with nothing but the word Google and the search box is the main key to the success of Google.

Yahoo used to be the top search engine and people hated the cluttered ad ridden look and stopped using it in favor of Google for that reason.

Here is what I see now when I go to the Yahoo search engine, the home page:


Yes, a simple interface with a cool, captivating caption for placeholder or below the search bar and maybe a 50/40% dark background.
The aim is to capture users attention, the search bar should be what they see first.
But if you need a UI/UX design, then you will spend a little