New "Accepted Delivery" notification


Hi Fiverr’ss

Just got a notice for a completed delivery that said “customer accepted your delivery” instead of " please rate your experience" notification. Is this something new. The buyer left a 5**** review but this is the first time I’ve seen this notification.


I did not understand about this notice.


Normally I get the yellow banner at the bottom of my cell phone either saying “complete order” or " rate your experience when a buyer completes a sale. But this time I got a “xxxxx accepted your delivery” pop up. The result was the same. But Ive never seen this before


Hi, @steve_maxell Once you you finish rating your experience about the completed order, you will see the “The buyer left a * star review” notification.


I know what you mean, Steve, I’ve had that too. I think the system is a bit confused, hopefully because they are updating to “double blind review, second phase” but I wouldn’t catch my breath yet, may just be a little buginess.

One time, I was holding my phone right in the moment a blind review came in, I even saw the review text briefly on the screen too, then again, it was like always, “you need to review to see the buyer’s review”. :bug:


I thought so , so whats the next stage?