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New account and understanding

Hi y’all.
Its my second day on fiverr and I got 185 impressions on my gigs. Is it a good progress?


Impressions are a lot like kissing your sister.

It’s a kiss.

It’s a girl.

But not the same as getting orders.

You should be focusing on orders, not impressions.

Yes, impressions lead to orders but the numbers mean nothing.

I might get 10 impressions today on one of my Gigs.

That means nothing to me unless one or two of them are orders.

Getting 185 impressions is not bad, but without any of them converting to orders, it’s a lot like kissing your sister, again.

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Thanks. However, I read some posts on here before joining the platform and got that I should’ve to be patient to getting orders.

I got one query from a buyer.
Remember its my second day so was just confirming if those impressions were good enough.

nice bro…somedays wait…your gig impression will increase …

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Thanks. Are they good enough for two days?