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New Account Blocked without any reasons



I recently joined Fiverr first time but with in 2 days they blocked my account permanently when i asked them they didn’t mention any thing specific they just told me i have violated terms and conditions like multiple accounts. Well i am using fiverr first time and i didn’t even setup my profile yet so how i can use multiple accounts. they didn’t tell any further details.

i did ask them my other accounts which they thought i am using , or eveni asked them to block my all other accounts and let me use this new account.

So guys can you suggest me what should i do excatly?


Why would you ask them to block your other accounts and just use this new account if you didn’t have any other accounts.


BOOM. @usama_waqas just answered his own questions. He was using multiple accounts.

Buddy (usama), if you don’t read the FAQ when you sign up for Fiverr, you deserve to have your rule-breaking accounts disabled. You broke the site rules (which are clearly outlined in the TOS). And now you are experiencing the consequences.

I have no sympathy for you. Next time (if Fiverr allows you to have a “next time”)… be aware of the site rules, and don’t break them.


Maybe your IP address was used to sign in to multiple accounts since you said you are using Fiverr for the first time.


@usama_waqas I just looked at your Fiverr account and it’s not blocked. You don’t have any gigs displayed, but your account is active. That makes it more difficult to advise you since it sounds like your problem is resolved.


the point i was trying to make is i dont have any other account on fiverr. But fiverr support team insist that i have violated there terms and condition. So i asked them to tel me which other accounts i have. Which they didnt, then i told them if they think i still have any other account they can block it. Bec i know i dont have any other account. I just signed up today with new email so i can get advice what should i do exactly.


Thanks for the kind help man :slight_smile:


Sarcasm? …


i have other account which they blocked so i cant even sign in to post any thing on the forum. In last resort i use other email to sign in so i can ask you guys how i can reinstate my account? my previous account was fresh. just two days old. and they just blocked it.


Well… there you go. Multiple accounts. :wink:


even if thats the case they can mention it. I am doing a training course so we all use same network. So it might b the case. But FIverr support team can tellme. though all the info is unique. i just opened it and they blocked it i didnt even got a time to make single gig or update my profile. So now m stuck with this confusion whats the solution now,


Ofcourse not. i really appreciated it.


Cool yeah. you got it. :rofl:


If your original account was only 2 days old and now this is your only account, why don’t you just start fresh but WITH the permission of CS? Write to Customer Support, tell them that you made a new account and ask for permission to start again. Don’t use a shared network for this one if you think that caused your problem. They will usually let you start over if they can see you are minding the ToS.

No one on the forum can answer your questions otherwise, only Support can do that. If you do continue with the new account without permission, you may find it soon banned as well.


I’m laughing too. #sarcasm


also avoid using any VPN while browsing fiverr as VPN uses multiple & random ip, that is not good & might make fiverr feel that you are using many accounts on same IP so also avoid VPN if any one uses that


Basically i signed up at work then used it at home wth ISPbroadband. i dont know what let them think that i am using multiple account when my account i jsut 2 days old. i never had any gigs or reviews. So now how i can tell them that i want to continue this account,


How i can ask permission. i will email them again. is there any way to call them ?


email to there support email with you username


No. Just use your current account to submit a ticket.