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New account Creation on sold phone

Hi there
Please guide me.
I am selling my phone to my friend and he gonna create a fiver seller account
Is he going to be banned or is there any method to create the new account on same phone without getting blacked?

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It’s fine unless the personal info that he provides is diff than yours. Otherwise, he may contact the CS and keep one ss so that he has the proof (just in case if any problem occurs) for being permitted to do so.


When a person sells his/her phone they usually perform “Restore to factory settings”. Any reason why this is not an option for you since this is standard when selling IT equipment of any kind?


It means if he resets the phone then this ain’t a problem…
Thank you!!! :smile:

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Yes, but I would change “he” to “you”. You do the resetting. Never ever give away your phone or computer without doing the deep clean at least twice. And if in the process of cleaning you get a warning “we were not able to remove all your data bla bla bla” that is just another note for you to repeat the cleaning process.


ok sure
I’ll do it my self
Thank you for guiding me through this…

If you got new phone you can clone it so you do not have to struggle with settings. And after clone, delete all with factory reset.

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I do not get it.

What does account creation have to do with sold phone?

Phone stores data on it and credentials. I have iphone that was “sold” to me (compensation), factory reset done but not properly, all passwords for emails, account log-ins, credit card, paypal, photos, all of that inside. I connected with the person since it was not the same who sold me the phone. She was “Omg I didn’t know, I gave it away…” I factory reset everything and did deep clean after she confirmed she has a backup of all her data and photos.

I get it now. :slight_smile:

I supposed we talk about new Fiverr account creation…