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New Account Disabled


Hi house,

I’m a little bit confused about something. So a sister’s account was closed and she opened a new one few days later with different mail, the same picture and a slight difference in the username so that her old clients can find her.

Today, the new account was closed stating that she had multiple accounts. She tried contacting CS and they were very rude to her, not giving her a reason why the account was closed.

So, she’s seeking for professional advice here. Does this mean that you can’t use an old picture on a closed account or is it the username?

Thanks in advance


According to fiverr you cannot use 2 Accounts on same IP(especially with the same niche)
i think this can b a reason


Hello, I assume that if they close someone’s account they don’t want them to open a new one. Whether it was the username or the picture that made them realize it was the same person I’m not sure anyone here would have the answer to.

As for using two accounts on the same IP I doubt this would be something that would cause them to realize someone has two accounts as this would take scanning millions of IP’s to find a match, something that, while not impossible, would be hard to do. If you have ever seen lists of IP’s that come into a website as I have,
you would see millions in just one hour coming in, for a big site like this.

Also if it were a matter of the same IP they could simply put a block on that IP from being able to contact the site. More likely it was a cookie on her computer that alerted them.


Not at all.

The old account has been disabled she can’t even access it at all. But the new one she just created was disabled again. She’s running just one account, which is the new one.


According to the Fiverr:
Once a user account is banned, they are not allowed to create a new account.


Hi dear

Usually when fiverr closes an account, they send you a mail that, ‘We look forward to seeing you again on the platform’
So, this is a bit confusing.

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I would think that if they really look forward to seeing you again on the site they wouldn’t block your account so you can’t get on the site?

So they said “We have closed your account because you have multiple accounts. We look forward to seeing you again on the platform.” :smile:

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Really! When was the statement released? I’ve never come across it! :flushed: Is it on their TOS?


Hi there.

The clue is in


If you close your account yourself because you want a different username or whatever, and open one again, I don’t think there’d be an issue if you use the same picture - as long as it’s you on that picture, or a sketch or logo or something that you made yourself or own the rights to use.

But if your account was closed by Fiverr, they don’t want you to just go and open another account on their site, of course, unless maybe it was some minor violation and you asked for express permission before opening another account.

Note: any violations to Fiverr’s Terms of Service is cause for permanent suspension of all accounts.

(quote from the ToS)

Permanent suspension of all accounts certainly doesn’t mean they are okay if a suspended seller opens another account.

Regarding pictures, sellers are supposed to use a picture of themselves or a logo or something. Using a picture that doesn’t show herself or an image/logo which she doesn’t have the rights to use might be seen as a violation of terms as well.

In case you do share the IP and a device with your sister, and especially if you sell gigs in the same niche, you might want to be proactive and inform Fiverr of that before your sister tries to open yet another account, as there also is the danger that you could lose yours. Maybe they’d allow it if you can prove you and your sister are actually two different people and not the same person trying to have more than one account, I don’t know - some people have posted that they got permission when sharing IP/devices, for example if they are married, but I think some also said it was only permitted if they offer their gigs in different categories.


You are confused here.
When a user intentionally close their account according to own will, then you will see this message. But if old account is banned then you cannot open a new account.



If I may ask, is possible to create a new account with different username, different mail, different picture but the same person?


For that, I suggest you to contact CS and ask them and get their permission. We are all sellers and Buyers on this Forum. They will guide you the process and give you all the possible information.


She should just have one account. It’s all she needs to make a lot of money. New sellers see this and immediately it hits them what a good idea it would be to have several accounts, all earning money. It really doesn’t work out that way. Just one good one is all it takes.


Yes you can. but probably those accounts also will get banned as your second account was.


For the same person who got permanently suspended by Fiverr? No, that was already answered in above posts. Where would be the sense in banning accounts if you’d allow the same people to open new accounts?

If your sister has a clear conscience regarding ToS violations and you think all her previous accounts have been wrongly suspended, because of an error on Fiverr’s side, her best bet is to somehow prove it to them, or to try her luck on another platform.
Let me say this very clearly, again. They might even suspend the first account of someone who tries to open more than that account, especially if they keep trying it.

You still didn’t even tell us if you share IP/device with your sister, though, so it’s a bit tedious to cover all possibilities in our replies. Good luck anyway.

Also note that they started to run ID checks.


Also if you bought a gig from your sister recently that could be a problem.


Thank you so much for the response. We didn’t share IP at all.


She doesn’t have multiple accounts! Did you not read my first post. The account was banned and she opened a new one few days later with the same picture, different email and a slight difference in the username!

She doesn’t have two accounts! Read again!


Thanks dear

I’ll relate all of your suggestions to her.
Thanks again


The previous accounts was banned as an ignorant violation of on of their TOS.

And no, we live farrrr apart, it’s impossible that we share IP