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New account when last disabled


When can we make new account after last one was disabled by fiverr?

Would it affect the finds to be withdrawn after 90 days?

Is it safe to work on new account before funds from disabled account are pending?

You’re not allowed to create another account unless you’ve been given permission. If you do, that account is likely to be disabled too.

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Will they give permission?

If yes then how?

Is it possible to do using different details?

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@nazeech, Why you want to disable your present account as if already have fund?

I am asking about permanent disabled account user

Can the user again make new account by any means before funds clearance of 90 days

Or if after 90 days do they allow me to make new account?

@nazeech, No it won’t be allow if you want!

You’ll need to ask CS, otherwise you could get into more bother. :wink:

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