New algo testing. Featured and top ratted gigs disappeared RESOLVED


Stay Calm Everybody!
Fiverr is running new algorithm test so if your gig is not appearing normal in search, please wait for sometime until it’s concluded.
"We’re running some tests on the search placement algorithm in order to best maximize placement for all Gigs, so if a Gig is not appearing in the normal place, it’s due to the test.

So guys pleas stop worrying. They are again testing new algorithm . Please fiverr it’s better that you should focus on bugs which really needs your attention instead of playing with algo which seems fine


You may have missed this:


I have explained why gigs are missing. Thanks for adding the link tho.


Thanks for enlightening everyone with things they were already aware of.

Good Job! :thumbsup:


not everyone is smart as you.


:bulb: Here’s another smart answer for you:


For you as well.


And ANOTHER one with the “Recommended” filter as well:


That’s the one I see :slight_smile:


Maybe because you are as smart as me as well… :wink:


Don’t know about that to be honest! @djgodknows


it’s fixed now you genius