New Algorithm in Action


It seems to me that the previous one looked more friendly

IMHO - joke :slight_smile:


It seems to me so complex!


LOL, give it up :joy:

Out of curiousity, why is algorithm seems to be a very important topic for you?


Because the new one is unfriendly to me :sunny:



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You have to take into consideration the amount of people that have a need for your gig.
I would look at similar gigs on Fiverr and compare their buyer frequency to your own (along with gig features).


It doesn’t matter how good or bad is any gig when it’s invisible.


That was only 1 factor, but if you had more traffic before certain known alterations to this site and its inner workings, then you might be right. I have to add I wouldn’t know anything about it since I am new.


I mentioned your name in @ryangillam thread about he got a sudden mass order. You might want to check out his posts. Good luck!


Your gigs are not invisible. They are still clearly listed on your profile page. If organic sales are low here on Fiverr, then you need to get out into the internet (and offline) world, and tell people about your gigs and services. Don’t expect Fiverr or the Fiverr search engine to be the only place that you obtain sales from. Promote, promote, promote.

If you promote with a strategy, you WILL bring in more traffic and sales.


You repeat it to everybody - promote, promote, promote. It’s annoying by the way…


Yury, please promote my gig, thanks.


You really like to tease people. don´t you? :joy:


Now, now, just some innocent fun :slight_smile: while I wait for buyers :wink:


Yeah yeah I know :grin:


I think you could set up a Fiverr-wiki.

I give you good discount for children drawings if you promote my gig, thanks.


Good. Then my message is effective.

The question is: Are YOU taking my advice to heart, or are you still choosing to complain, and hope your visibility concerns fix themselves? Fiverr is about doing. Be a doer. Complaining achieves nothing. :wink:


Care to share the rough % of clients that you have from Fiverr directly compared to clients which you have brought to Fiverr yourself by external marketing? (from the beginning of your Fiverr career would be great).


This is just a slogan, it does nothing for me personally. Once someone recognizes something as a slogan one becomes immune to it. Just saying :slight_smile:


Really so annoying.
I will keep moaning :slight_smile:
You will keep sending everybody to promotion (looks like LocalSelfPromotion)

I/We don’t need to bring people to big city because a lot of people are already there for shopping (simplified)



Oh, come on, you don’t expect me to fall for that bait, now, do you? :wink:

As I’ve stated in the past, I have a policy of not sharing the analytics behind my success here on Fiverr. My analytics are my own. You don’t need to know my stats, traffic, or where it comes from. Suffice it to say, yes, I do practice what I preach. And yes, I have gained quite a few clients and sales from my promotional efforts.

If you want to achieve what I have, then do the following: develop a marketing plan, put the pieces of that plan into action, and make it work for you. Hard work is required. You’re not going to get anywhere without it. Sellers who complain about a lack of sales (or success), and yet, willingly choose NOT to do the hard promotional work that improves success, are shooting themselves in the foot. Failure to act, does not give people a right to complain.

In my case, I have worked hard for my sales, success, and repeat clients. But that is my success; those are my sales; and those are my valued clients. Your success will be different, because you have different services, a different target market, and, it would seem, a vastly different work ethic.

Yes, be a doer. Fiverr is correct. Those who do… succeed.

I’m sorry you feel this way. I beg to differ, of course. Perhaps I have a better understanding of the power a slogan or tagline can have. Perhaps I see more than just pointless words that mean nothing. Nike tells is to “Just Do It”, and they’ve built a powerful brand around that phrase. Apple told us to “Think Different”, and they built an innovative, forward-thinking tech brand around that phrase.

Words are powerful. Words drive action. Action promotes success.

You can ignor success. You can ignor innovation. However, the only person you are hurting by doing so, is yourself. If you want to succeed, then you need to do. There is no other way.