New Algorithm Tests Just Destroyed My Business


I am level 2 Seller belong to Virtual Assistant group . I was getting orders on daily basis and I was having pretty good gig position. Now due to new tests of algorithim my gig is disappeared . Impressions going down . No orders from last 9 days . I am Really Worried About That .


All sellers are facing the same problem. :frowning:
Be patient! Everything will be okay.
However, don’t blame too much and do not stop working on your profile. :slight_smile:


It is a difficult time but you should also use your spare time to find other ways of attracting customers.
Have you tried any of the tips on the forum?


Many sellers are facing the same problem as you!

My 2 most popular gigs are going down.

Follow the great advice of @eoinfinnegan


Facing same issue. Today makes it12 days. Let’s hope everything gets sorted as soon as possible


Yep, just saw the stats of my gigs and well it ain’t pretty.


All sellers are not facing the same problem.

Business has been quite steady for me lately, and I’ve had my regular mix of repeat clients plus new clients.

Business as usual for me.


It’s been good for me lately so it depends on how the algorithm treats your gigs. Not all are suffering.
When the tests started for two days I had no sales then it was excellent.


My impressions are down to their lowest point, but when I head to the Analytics, I see that I have made the most I have ever made in a 30-day period. So I don’t know what to make of it, really confused.


Same here. Very low impressions but everything else is great.


Now if only all my gigs were producing. But I can’t complain.


High impression but everything is not great for me…


If I had higher impressions it would be crazy.


Impressions at an all time low…thank god for repeat buyers.


My sales also dropped. NO orders and Impressions getting down and down.


I’m in the same boat as most of you.
From getting 5-6 sales everyday to straight away 0 since last week.
However in the mean time I’ll be using my time on learning some other things. :slight_smile:


It’s not unimportant to build a customer base. This way you are not dependent on an algorithm.


When Will Fiverr Fix this Issue? Because a lot of Sellers Facing the same issue even Top Rated Sellers from our country are in trouble. New Arrival Gigs are in the Recommended Section and Gig’s with 100+ reviews are in the average review section what is Going On in the Fiverr Really Disappointed.


It looks to me like the review section is correct but the recommended section has new arrivals sometimes. Maybe they are still working on it.


Yes they are working on it and Hope will Fix it Soon. But we have Done nothing in the Last 10 days. Impressions is Going Down and Down from 29K to 14K and Still the Graph is Going Down day by day.