New Analytics Page! [Started 2015 - Archived.]


They’ve added another row under lifetime earnings. We have new analytics for monthly earns and so far we have the following:

  1. New Orders
  2. Gig Extra Orders
  3. Multiple Orders
  4. Delivered Orders

Looks like big things are coming soon!


Wonderful–now can they fix the stuff that we keep moaning about instead of mucking about with stuff that nobody’s ever complained about?


I’m loving the additional insights!


It’s more detailed and looks well oriented now. Loving it.


I liked the old one. I’m not sure it needed a change, but it’s okay I suppose.


Where did the graphs showing daily sales and gig extras ups and downs go? We need to see when our sales are up and down visually every day.


Trust me… I can complain about that page!


Only if we can export that data. I’m an analytics guy and it makes me cringe!


It does look cleaner and falls inline with the dashboard look and feel.


You know… I just noticed that when you brought it up. Those graphs have been scaled back for awhile now. I wonder if they’re appear in the dashboard or in the Q1 update? Bummer…


I hope they reappear. I used them constantly.


I don’t need to see all that, I just need the graphs. I hate the new analytics page, I don’t go there anymore.


Is there someplace where the number of sales each day is shown?

I see New Orders and Delivered Orders which for me is 4 less than New Orders;
however I have more than 4 orders undelivered so I’m a little confused. It will take some getting used to I think. There must be some lag in when the numbers update but not sure. I assume New Orders means the total for the month.


Ooh, now you’ve just made me think of a world in which the graphs are on my to do page. That would be a neat upgrade. As it is, like @fastcopywriter, I have no reason to visit the current analytics page. Mainly because the basic info I want is already on the dashboard ($$$, basic info on job list.) or manage orders (quick overview of whatever I need to take care of today).

I guess I’ll find out how I really feel about the missing graph this week, since I took the weekend off. I did enjoy the ability to create little mountain ranges out of data at will, but no more, alas.


I think we need to have the daily sales and no of delivery function back. It kind of motivates sellers…


Yes, in any sales organization, the daily sales shown in a chart or graph is a great motivator and when I could see sales dipping I could work harder to bring them back up–that’s the point.
Now when sales dip on a daily basis I won’t even know it.
I would make my own chart like this, but I’m still trying to figure out how I can count up daily sales. There must be someplace which counts up daily new orders?


All data can be exported via the revenues page. I personally export everything and run it through my own system for further details. The new analytics page broken into monthly cumulative figures now means one less external process which can only be a positive


I sense a gap in the market for an enterprising Fiverr seller who knows how to make Excel do magical things…


i think the old graphs where way better, this analytiics does not tell me anything i did not know before


Just sad when they had those nice little graphs that did it.
They even updated instantly when orders were delivered. It makes no sense to take something that worked so well and remove it. For what reason? I was hoping for more graphs like those, for weekly and monthly sales flow.