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New and Confused

I’m new on fiverr… It would be comforting to know that other sellers were as lost at first as I am now…:rofl:
My whole brain is a right-brain so my anxiety is in hyperdrive.


As a freelancer you have to get a handle on your anxiety. Relax, you don’t have to dive right in. Do some research before making a gig. Find out how the process works when you receive an order. Only offer gigs you feel you can excel at. Read the TOS twice, you’ll be fine.


It’s normal to be nervous, but don’t let that take over as j6nyc6 mentioned. Also, a good place to look for tips and gig advice is this forum; there is a lot of help in both the older and recent posts.


Yeah, I was setting up packages and the whole nine. I reduced my prices for that very reason… To get the first order. I’ll be straight after that I think. Thank you for responding AND for the soothing words.

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Thank you very much. I’ve been such a hermit for so many years it’s pretty nifty to actually be among creatives. Should’ve done this years ago.


Hey @devilpig - I know it’s a bit intimidating, but honestly once you wade in Fiverr, and the forums, are very welcoming. Feel free to PM me on here if you ever have specific questions and I’ll be glad to help you if I can.

I’m on the writing side of things, so I can give you a critique of your gig text if you need it. Just a quick scan tells me you’re being a bit hard on yourself. :wink: Project confidence, my friend, your talent is obvious to see.


Well that’s a bit good isn’t it.

I did find a typo:

I’ve been and artist

That would generally be an artist. Or a dripping clock, or a purple fish.

I love that you ask for the brief and to be set free to do your do. Sadly that is hard to find, esp in places like this where people are commonly too scared to let someone skilled do their thing. Watch out for red flags of people who will try to make you do the opposite and be their (usually terribly underpaid) hand-puppet who does nothing but regurgitate someone else’s work. I’d be doing ok if I got paid $5 for everyone who asks me to clone some famous film composer (or really shitty Pop song) like it was a clever idea.

Bassist eh, At least you’re not a drummer. LOL

I am a Mix Engineer and Composer. I owned a copy of a Fender Jazz once. Clanked nicely but was really good at not being in tune. Not a drama tho as I didn’t work out how to play it.



Congratulations … Welcome to Fiverr. Wish you all the best here.

Its my opinion that setting up your gigs on a computer is a bit easier than doing it on a tablet or phone. You can navigate through all the options and go to frequently asked questions quickly if there’s anything that is confusing. It takes a sec to get there.


Hi there, I’m also new to Fiverr. I was able to create my first gig successfully and I’ve had some impressions and clicks already. Now, I’m just anxious to receive my first order and start cracking it hard!


Yeah I wasn’t thinking that all of my written work is plastered to my walls like some manic shut in and I didn’t have pictures or saved documents so I threw that on there. And I will most likely take you up on the offer to answer questions. Thank you.

Typo corrected… You probably just saved me months of waiting on any writing gigs that may have otherwise come. :rofl: Thank you so much. But yes… I am an artist, a musician, and a writer… In that order.(at least in that order in regard to how much each is a part of my fabric)


In the freelancing business, the patience is the key to success. I have 4 years of experience doing my selling on Fiverr and it is very important to be patient and wait for the right moment.

My suggestion would be to have focus on your skill and be patient for the right moment to come.

Best of luck.


Thank you very much. I’m starting to understand now. All of you have been quite helpful and I’m truly thankful for that. Most online interactions are dominated these days with replies from that awkward and most strange of egos… The social media ego. I wish you the best as well.

I am a drummer :kissing_heart:

Ohhh this is great track. Hope this track will remove your anxiety.

Track? You mean the ‘drummer’?

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Nikko McFingers.
Well, that is a thing to see.

I got my partner into Maiden. Flight 666 and she is out there right into Bruce. Can’t really get her into Priest or even Dio. Still, for a Beatles, Queen, Elvis fan, the sudden Maiden conversion is not too shabby.

Up the Irons

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wish you all the best for first order!!!

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Congratulations.Hope for the best. :heart_eyes: