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New and doing well but


#oh baby baby

The Mars intro is delightfully awful, too.


So, I guess this is supposed to be the erotic part? :joy:

You churned out more erotica in another comment, when you weren’t even trying.

But, thank you for bringing the best of literary delights to us. I am just an illiterate technician, so I did what I do best. I ran your text through my pet project sentiment analysis application, and the results basically say “shit! you aite, fam?”

Click at your own risk.

There’s other deeper insights, but let’s leave that for another day. But, at least your content is 13-year old friendly, so you have that going for you :slight_smile:



It’s so lonely being an erotica writer :’(

More Britney!

Perhaps some Backstreet Boys after this.


I’m just an innocent 13 year old, I don’t know what a HO HO is, I’m just guessing it’s a new kind of Pokemon or GI Joe which I haven’t collected yet.


That’s because you’re missing out on one of the benefits of a liberal arts education :wink:

I offer a simple picture. Which part makes you ho ho the most?

The ho ho is the ho ho. Ho ho ho! Christmas is coming in 11.5 months, get ready!


The Audio part.

Nice and catchy tune. Ding ding, ding ding! Ding ding! Wait…

Are we just going to ignore the psyc eval hidden under the link which I told you to click at your own risk? 70% negative fam! If that’s what liberal arts is going to do to me, I just need to find myself an illiberal arts college. (If all fails, I can always buy a spell).


I saw that but w/e. As a liberal arts liberal HR person (note neutral personspeak) the software cleverly recognized that Thatcher and Reagan were in there, and remembered the Evil Empire, then had a meltdown over the illogical returning… er… data. That’s clearly what happened.

You like Crazy Frog? Interesting.

updates dossier


Is that what we’re doing now, keeping docs on each other. Okay.

Slightly irrelevant but also slightly relevant, but I felt like I need to mention this because I saw you mention doxing on other threads and you alluded to it here : If you write anonymously on platforms where you don't want the content to be traced back to you...well...I lost my train of thought there...what I wanted to say was, that it can be traced back (based on the frequency of usage of articles, conjunctions, relative alignment of the noun-verb-preposition in a typical sentence, propensity to use active/passive tense and density of certain phrases).

If you don’t want it traced back to you, make sure you shuffle your words. Of course, we all know you are pure of heart and would never want to go anon, but just saying :smiling_imp:


Let the doxxers come, then!


Be sure to check out the abuse scenario:


Needs more spider. Moderation is a hard job and having 8 inches limbs is vital for efficiency.

@silkroute you should see my FB posts when I’m having a “chat” with people about politics and I’m not being mindful of rules. All that said though, I remain unconcerned about some random internet nutjob coming to whack me.

EDIT: let’s continue this on another thread tomorrow if we must. I’m closing up for the night soon. Sweet dreams of all varieties, everyone!


I misread that and thought “Tentacles” was a similarly spelled masculine word from your porn era.


Tested could be hilarious with a single letter changed, but I’m pondering tentacles. Ten tackles? It would match the 8 limbs.

My God, MissC. You are creating a monster. OP. This is your next book.


I would suggest a different plan for a new thread. I have a feeling it would be very funny to some and not so much to others. No use in spending time on creating a thread that has such a high chance of problems. If you want to go for it anyway, I might be totally wrong. The limerick thread was great fun!


Not bad. When i saw you had put my moniker on a book in this particular thread, I was a little nervous, Then I considered where you got the idea for the title. I also realized that you may have noticed that I noticed that you noticed a way to make long threads without the appearing to be that long. It’s a delightful option. Yes, I boldly stole your method and therefore I am willing to overlook this awful book cover. if I decide to write a book and USE the cover, you can’t charge me. It has my name on it!


You’ve just reminded me, how’s our old friend Brenda doing? Or whatever her name was–the awful kindle writer with the worst books ever who kicked up a fuss on the forums some time ago about a crappy seller (probably). The seller was probably tasked with trying to polish a turd and despite a valiant effort…


This is a great plot, don´t forget to work into it that fiverr only recently discontinued bitcoin as a payment method, to get all those millions of fiverr buyers and sellers on board of your series!

I might actually buy it, if you work a bit on the surname haha.


Hufferingham Hurklepurk Hurklepork. I can’t remember the synopsis. He is from a wealthy family that made a fortune on processed pork products and a secret vegan. Perhaps he’ll find the vegan sausage of his dreams in… ugh. I have a rather dull copy editing assignment to do, and here I am talking about Troy’s predicament. Maggie or the gay vegan sausage in the blacked out bathroom?


Yes, perfect, that will make me…buy.



Dear Maddie:

Please consider it my gift to you as an expression of gratitude for the work you put into explaining the whole 20% of the tip issue…

I would nervously ask if you meant “Just the Tip”, but I’m not the sort to do that sort of thing in a public forum.*

Thank you,

*And I believe from reading your post that you mean everything, soup to nuts as it were…