New and have a few questions


I am a psychic and i read photographs. I prefer to speak w the client on the pone and not write my insights. Customer service said i could use Skype team viewer.i have no idea what that is and how i do it. i do have regular skype on my computer though. but i dont think this is what they meant. plesae advise!

Also my first customer gave me a good review but i dont see it on my gig.

thanks so much



some thumbs up just don’t show up its a glitch


Welcome !

Your feedback will show, there is sometimes a delay between feedback left and feedback showing on your gig page.


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I suggest you avoid Skype for psychic readings for only one reason…

Even if you create a new, business account, not connected to your personal one, you’ll soon see that clients will bombardise you with requests and quick insights every time you go online. It’s like giving a personal reading by a conference call with people distracting you and requesting your free advice.

Skip skype until you build a clientele. You can then offer it as an extra after you get leveled.




Reply to @medianzaira: That actually makes no sense… You can turn off notifications for all Skype messages or for certain users. Not to mention that you can block them when they aren’t paying you.

Get paid on Fiverr, setup Skype meeting, done. Block them. Get paid again, unblock them, Skype meeting, etc, block them again.


Reply to @vedmak: I wish people were more clear with this stuff. I have no idea what she said…


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How does a person know their psychic. Is there a test? Cause I’m pretty sure Brutus my boxer is talking to me. I don’t mean like “Hey how are you” kind of talking. I mean he looks at me with those black eyes. And Instantly POOF! I know he has to go to the bathroom. Is that being psychic, or does my dog Brutus just have to pee all the time.