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New And Hoping To Make Some Sales


I am new on fiverr and my next target is getting some orders. Hope it comes


I am also new and got some sales.Wish you good luck in your journey


I am new also… and no views yet :frowning: hoping to get some views soon…

Stickers and Backgrounds!


Reply to @predyxx: Your videos are nice!!


Hi. I’m new here, too. I’m also waiting for sales.


Me Too

good luck for All :slight_smile:




Waiting for sales? Seriously? It’s going to be a long wait. :slight_smile:

Start here…

Seller Start Up Basics

How to Create and Promote your gigs

Aid to attracting buyers

Three simple principles to become a great seller!

Handling Orders

Answers to some common questions


the best way to know if there is customer demand for your gig is if youre getting hits/gig veiws if you’re not you should try mixing it up, adding/changing gig tags and making sure your gig is in the right category. Another HUGE thing you can do is add a video of yourself telling about your gig- be excited, be helpful and you’ll get orders


And be original! make sure you dont have spammy/fake looking gig images. Also if your a web designer/developer offer some REAL services related to your field. Coding, wordpress help, design services. Be willing to do some real work for people.