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New and Improved Gigs

Hi, I just redesigned all of my gigs.

Take a look and let me know what you think:


looks good…but If I would be your buyer, I would be more concern about Logo in 2 hours with so many extras and Unlimited revision…

I have learn that unlimited revisions often turn out dangerous for seller !

Being Human, we need 8 hours of sleep and buyers can order anytime from around the world, how can someone manage to deliver work exact in 2 hours of placing order ?

so this is what I suggest, do 1 days deliver at least and offer like 4-6 revisions and not unlimited !

Thanks for your feedback. I added that they must order from 10 AM - 9 PM EDT and that the 2 hours is the initial delivery window. All revisions and extras are not included in the 2 hour delivery.

On, “I will mockup your logo, product, or website” gig, did you just put Fiverr’s home page screenshot? You can use that slot more wisely,
Also, on “I will design your minimalist logo in 2 hours”, I believe you still have two slots for the portfolio sample. you can add more work samples there.

" I will do your digital vector trace in 2 hours" Also you can use a different work sample on 2nd slot.

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Thanks for your feedback. I filled all of the slots in my logo design gig gallery.
The second image is actually different from the first in my vector trace gig. It’s a comparison of the digitized vs original image.

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