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New and in need of help


So i have recently joined Fiverr (its been like 2 days?), well the problem is I am writer and i have already launched my first gig. I am unable to get any requests for the past 2 days. I have noticed that there are loads of new gigs being released and very few buyers ever read new gigs. Please help me find buyers.


Well there are a lot of ways and you might find some gold nuggets in fiverr seller tips section but here are the basics:

Blogging: If you own a blog where you show your skills and have a decent audience, you could put a badge on your blog to promote it. You can also do that for an email list if you have.

Facebook groups: Almost everyone shoots for this one. Simply join relevant facebook groups and post your service there.

Forums & Blog comments: You can find relevant blogs or forums to provide value + build reputation and then promote your service there. You can also use this forum to help others and others might notice and work with you.

Question/Answer sites: You can use Quora or other sites to provide valuable answers and promote your gig as well.

Solo Ads: This is more like a paid option but you can use other marketer’s email list to promote your gig.

Craiglist: You can post ads, answer job queries, do arbitrage or simply promote your service.

I hope you follow these tips and soon you’ll have lots of orders flooding in :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tips, already planning to use social media to promote my services. I do not have a blog and am not sure i want to start one with the main motive of creating awareness for my gig ( not sure it will work out).


But since you are a writer, a blog will show your writing diversity and help you build more authority :slight_smile:


That’s true, do u have any suggested places to write blogs?


As per your profile…

Your knowledge of English is: basic.
All your skills’ level is: beginner.
You look like an: S.

Why would I hire you?


Using a catchy tile on the gig and attractive image might help alot right ? :slight_smile:


I am going to change my pp, but other than that the reason i have set everything on beginner is because it is my first time doing any of it in order to earn. I definitely wouldn’t want to lie on my profile and later disappoint many. :frowning: And i hadn’t noticed that my language was set on basic, thanks for informing me


will work on that, creating an attractive image tho will definitely be a problem :confused:


Super whats the problem on that ?:slight_smile:


Rather than using images from google i would prefer using my own clicks which I barely have


Yes that’s correct you need to create your own design which speaks out your service


Will try making a new design, problem is I don’t have any ideas for one.


:slight_smile: super


You don’t have to lie. At the same time, specialization is what sells here. So become a pro in at least one of the areas so that buyers would want to talk to you and give orders.

A gig title of “I will make you glad you chose me” doesn’t convey much and it doesn’t have any keywords either. Keep improving your description and gig writeup till you get orders regularly.



Ok thanks. Going to change my gig title but then again, how am I supposed to become a pro if I dont get a chance to work, you get what I mean?


You could start your own or if you are looking for fast solutions then try writing for Any site you love to read and know extensively is a great place to start as well. :slight_smile:


Ok even if you aren’t a pro, just put yourself in buyer’s shoes. Why should or would a buyer buy a service from you? In other words, how does your gig stand out in hundreds of other gigs?

If the same service you offer is being offered by someone else who says that s/he is a pro in that field, the buyer would obviously prefer that other seller. That is where being a pro in your field (and stating so) counts.


Hello! I am a fellow writer here too! And I can tell you from experience that there is so much competition here it took me about four days to get my first sale. One thing I can definitely recommend is getting a profile picture, it doesn’t even have to be of you unless you want it too, but it definitely makes the profile look more complete. Also, multiple gigs! I saw you can write poems, short stories, speeches etc. Why not turn those into their own gigs. This not only gets your profiles out there more, but it lets the potential buyer see your work separately. The more gigs, the more tags you can add, the more places it will show up in the search engine, therefore bringing more customers! Most buyers prefer to search for their work in specific sections. So make one gig for speech writing, and another for poems. Etc. :slight_smile: I think that will definitely help your traffic too! Good luck!


Welcome to Fiverr. You need to have a profile photo or image and your profile description needs to be more positive. I suggest you look at other seller’s profiles for ideas but do NOT copy them. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile: