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New and (trying to) sell with passion

So I’m a game and web application developer, and also a YouTuber (though not sure for how long I’ll be, but I’ve been one for a bit over 11 years now).

I have joined quite a few Discord chat servers over time, some with an English language audience, and some with a Japanese language audience.
But in every case, I’m the only one who knows both English and Japanese very well, in addition to being an active member on each chat server.
For this reason, I’m always the one to get asked to translate things back and forth.

After doing so quite a few times, I realised I actually enjoy doing this, so I learned about Fiverr and hope to make an extra living out of it.
Especially since YouTube is gradually demoting my revenue for 3 years now, and therefore I really need an alternative in order to remain able to maintain the costs I have as a game and web application developer.

I joined this site last Friday by the way.

One quick question: is there any way to change the default theme on this forum?
This all-white theme is burning my eyes alive.


I am not sure about changing the default theme of black and white. I have never seen any other colors. Good luck with your translation gig.

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There are Discourse forums that use dark themes and, I think, let users select their theme, but as far as I´m aware, we have only an option to choose the language in our preferences here.
Maybe you could ease the problem a bit by using f.lux or something similar?
There is a Site Suggestions category here too, in case you´d like to suggest having a dark theme as an option, which would be nice to have, I think too, especially for the night owls among us. :sun_with_face: :new_moon:

Welcome to the forum and :four_leaf_clover:!

Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face: