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New any advises 😀

I do voice acting and some voiceovers still learning.

keep in mind that since your lack of reviews is a disadvantage to your sales, you should aim for the lowest price possible,
Assume there’s a someone in need of a service that you provide, stating budget of $50. In your case, that does not mean that you should offer him your service for $50 . Try to make it as low as possible, like $20. Or even $5 would still work for you. Because it would almost certainly guarantee a sale there and then. someone looking for a $40 service will be eager to go for a $5-$10 service.
Remember, if you don’t have any reviews at all, you don’t get to be the judge of the price

No, no, no. This is really bad advice.

It’s true that most sellers start off with cheap prices, but it’s not mandatory. I’ve been there before and asked the same things when I was new to the forum and I had time to think about it also by confronting myself with other people here, and what you said just won’t do.

Anyone should set their prices based on personal considerations. If I’m a professional seller outside of Fiverr with plenty of experience, I probably wouldn’t sell myself for cheap just because I’m new here.

Also, it depends from what the job requires in terms of workload and time, and how you’re using Fiverr. For some people, Fiverr is the only source of income and they will never make a living if they work their ***** off for 5$. What if one single order takes 8 hours of work? You can’t waste 8 hours and get paid 5$ or 10$ or even 20$, it’s ridiculous.

Please don’t go around telling people to sell themselves cheap, it’s up to them decide what it’s best for them and selling cheap isn’t even a sure way to get more orders anyway.

EDIT: I went on your profile, you’re here since October and don’t have a single review even though your gigs all start cheap. How can you give this kind of advice to other people if it didn’t work for you? :woman_facepalming:

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No, they won’t. Because most people know that you get what you pay for. My clients refuse people with way lower prices than me all the time, because they don’t trust low prices. And they shouldn’t.

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i understand you, i said so without giving reference to the type of gig and sellers time and this was just to get a review after wich the price could get normal. my bad.
as for my profile registered last year and for some reasons i just came back 3 days ago.