New Arival Peoblems


Why is there so problems for new arival people sholud trust on them


This depends on the buyer, but many buyers prefer someone with rating. That’s why you need to create a good gig, and know how to promote yourself and your services.


I noticed most if your gigs offer to write essays and such for students Which is against Fiverr TOS.

Skills in communicating in English are also important.


In order to gain trust, you need to have a certain level of skills.
Unfortunately, just from that one short sentence you posted up there it is clear
that you do not have enough English writing skills.

There aren’t problems with new sellers not getting orders, the problem is so many people are not aware that they need to be good at something in order to provide good quality work.


Doing academic work is not allowed on Fiverr. Your gigs are likely to be removed at any time.

If you type “essay gig denied” in the search bar above you find lots of posts on the subject.


then what should have the topic for essay writing


i am pretty good in essay writing then what should i Do


How I creat a good gig


“Offering to prepare academic works on behalf of Buyers”

The above is taken from the list of violations in the Terms of Service which you will find at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

You need to remove your academic related gigs which are a violation of the Terms of Service.

Suggest you concentrate on your other gigs. You are risking your account!


I don’t think you should be offering writing.
You might be good with writing essays, but not in English.

“Why is there so problems for new arival people sholud trust on them”

If you do not notice the mistakes in this sentence, you are not ready to offer
writing gigs.
You also really need to take lloydsolutions’ advice!!


This link explains how to make gigs.


One of your gigs has “Essay writting” in the image. Do you see why that might be a problem?


what sholud i do i am not receiving any order I want to show my skills\


You didn’t answer my question so I’m not sure why you want me to answer yours. If your gigs currently reflect your skills, signs are not good. Good luck anyway. I’m out.


I suggest not having any writing gigs at all. Find something you are good at.


I wouldn’t recommend a writing gig, by the looks of your writing I don’t think your customers would be very pleased. Find a hobby you like doing.