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New arrival: How to make more sells in 7 days than you have ever done in your company!


There is no company that was created without a purpose, and in each and every purpose of each company lays the goal of making sells. So because of that, I will like to give you ideas that will make your company make more sells than they have ever done in 7 days.

I know you have or may have books, articles, or even expert on this area, and some of them has being successful with your company. But don’t worry, I didn’t come to make you stop using them or make your regret knowing or having them before me, NO. All I came to do is to make you increase their productivity in your company, that’s all. So don’t ever regret knowing them first after reading this idea, because they are the best that have ever happened to your company. If not them, maybe you may have closed by now. By the way, were have I being till now? Why haven’t I come out since? Well that is what you don’t know. So don’t ever judge them with this, rather join it together and it will increase your company. So they are the best.

Having said that, I think is time to give you the ideas. Are you ready? Are you ready for not just being a reader, but action taker as well? The truth is that if am not a worker, I wouldn’t have commended those I commended. Why, because I believe I have used there’s some where or somehow. So make sure you practice it, infarct, tell yourself one bad thing that will happen to you if you fail to practice it. For example, you can tell yourself that if I don’t practice this, I will not eat for two days, and when you do, you will see that your body will be willing to work and you will work. Oh my God, I just realized one idea here, well good luck to you that is one of those things. So are you ready? If yes, then take the ideas now!


Please post in the correct section. Pimp My Gig, that is.


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Thank you.


Just a heads up. You may get more attention if you use grammar correctly. English may not be your native language, but for a gig like this, or this post itself, if you don’t use proper grammar you may not get the results you are looking for.

Aside from spelling and such, the glaring example being: Your use of the word “Sells” instead of “Sales”.


Thanks, I will do the corrections immediately.


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Thanks, I will do the corrections immediately.