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New Arrival, need expertise help

Hi Friends,
Hope you all are doing well !
I am new arrival, created 3 gigs upon my skill set, 2 weeks old.
Few buyer requests are coming and I am offering few too (12 offered so far), but yet to get one :cry:

I am trying to be online most of the time. Can some of you refer my Gigs and suggest if something wrong and improvement points.

I will be thankful.

Don’t cry! If you type “write buyer request” in the search bar above there are several posts on how to write an effective buyer request reply.

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Great idea, but is there any way, I can get some tips on how to improve Gigs

Some new sellers take months to get their first order so you need to be patient. Others may wish to add something more but that is all from me except to suggest you check out: for how to get orders.

Hey lloydsolutions - I just did as you said, its ending up similar search with many new arrivals.
Thanks though…

Great I appreciate! Can I get some more suggestion please - by referring my Gigs

You have to click on each post and take time to read them. There is lots of info there.