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New at Fiverr and need some reviews on a question

i start fivering on the suggestion of my best friend when i was working as a professional VPS Hoster and now on coming to fiverr, i think that is better then owning a business, because in business you have to stick on one platform or page but on fiverr, i can explore my all skills.

what you people say about this ? is fiverr is more good then owning a business if you want to explore or sale your skills.

They’re very different entities. There’s no absolute answer to this question.

I’d say Fiverr is so much easier to start that it’s good if you want to see if your skills are saleable.


I see one of your gigs says you do essay writing which is not allowed on Fiverr.


When you sell on fiverr you do own a business. The only difference is that your business is on the fiverr platform and they do your payment processing.

Think of this as your own business, because that’s exactly what it is.

As far as trying your skills go, this is best to get feedback on if your skills are marketable or not, because you will get lots of satisfied buyers if it is.
And if you don’t you have lost nothing.