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New At Fiverr.Do not know How to Manage My Clients


Hello! All of My Friends and Fellow Freelance,
I am New on Fiverr and Do not know How to Manage The Clients.
I could know from friends that some of the Clients are fake and the try to get done the work on free. How could I understand that He or She is fake?
Thanking All of You
Md Firoz Hossain


you can check couple of the things like profile, picture, client communication will also give you the idea about the client…
But remember never start working with the client before getting the order on the gig… This itself is to make sure that client will pay and is interested to get the work from you…
I hope this answers the question…
Thank you


best of luck firoz bro

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Dont share any personal information on conversations

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I do not think there is any chance to get work at free in fiverr .And You do not need to understand who is fake or real . You will start your work when the buyer will place the order . That’s it …


best wishes for you and your freelance career

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If the client has made an order, they won’t get the work for free.


Thanks and will remember you advice.


Thanks and will remember your advice and hope more in the future.


Thanks for your reply.


Hey thanks for your best wishes.


Thanks and your advice will really helpful for me and also for those who will view this.


Don’t worry, at first order, then job start.