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New at fiverr plzz.. help


how to get orders. Not getting order since 8 months.


You are offering generic things that photoshop offers with just a couple of clicks.

Users are more familiar with basic photoshop functions nowadays. Why would they pay $5 for a couple of clicks? Where’s the value proposition you offer as a freelancer?

You are also in the graphic design category and your profile image hurts my eyes (clashing colors)

Oh and your screen name is… well I wouldn’t hire someone with a screen name like that.


ohk i will do some inprovement.


Few things I learnt last week,

  1. Upload stunning Profile Picture - Feel Good one
  2. Offer things which you are good at, don’t make any thing because you know little bit about it
  3. Deliver more den expected, keep client super happy!
  4. Use Buyer request - But be to the point. What’s his requirement & how will you able to deliver!


thanks for suggestion