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New. Auto Video Sketching Effect of any Photo or Image for Video Intros


From the Mona Lisa to a simple logo, my software ( in -house designed ) will reveal any photo as simple or complex as you like by sketching it then fade revealing.

This results in a 10 to 30 sec video that is ideal as intros to your full content videos using graphics or photos that you already have.

Limited only by your imagination and perfect to catch viewers attention to draw them into content.

Can also be used as unique greeting cards, Xmas cards etc if you have the images.

You only need to supply what you want the final image to look like and I will do the rest.

Example below of a logo starting from a blank white screen and gradually sketching to reveal full original image 10 seconds later to get the idea. Large picture example at gig of a mixed photo-clipart-text image.

So for something new and unique, check out

and ask any questions that you want.