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New Automatic Fiverr Watermark on delivered files. GOOD or BAD?


This new update is really good for all fiverr sellers, as I have lost 1000s of dollars in absense of this feature, now a buyer can’t download original files without accepting order. However he can review the file in preview image. Fiverr now automatically adds Watermark on preview image so dishonest buyers can not use it for free. Here are few points I see in favor and against of this feature

1- Sellers earnings are protected
2- I don’t have to send pre-watermarked files for preview as fiverr’s system automatically does this for me.
3- Saves time as applying watermark process takes 4-5 minutes on each file. As its time consuming to do so, like opening a file in Photoshop, applying watermark and then saving it again, then uploading it on order page and at last sending final file on approval, in total it takes 4-5 minutes, so earlier if we deliver 10 orders then total time wasted on this process is close to 50 minutes, we repeat this process in case of revision request.
4- Customer also saves time as now he can immediately download final files after accepting the order, if he like the first work.
5- Bad news for scamsters, as claiming free work is not easy for them. I have experienced when customer claimed that they don’t like the work yet they used delivered files on their facebook page or websites, but it was not traceable if they used this for printing.

1- Genuine buyers can’t download files for proper inspection as preview images are not clear enough. Suggestion: Fiverr should allow them to download high quality files with watermarks so that customers can review it properly
2- Be ready for negative feedback for extortion, as good sellers can’t afford negative feedback, so they have no other option but to issue refund as fiverr team doesn’t help in removing this kind of blackmailing feedback, many time fraud customers clearly threatened to leave negative feedback unless full refund issued.
3- Dishonest sellers can also misuse this

All in all it’s a welcome move as majority of fiverr community is honest and they are serious users. So Best of luck guys!


This can be turned on or off for each gig. It’s a great idea.


Thank you! Very good info.

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