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New award for having returning clients (?) - how do we receive it?

I came across this sentence and trophy in some Gigs in my category. Personally I don’t have it and I wonder how many returning clients those who have this trophy have - mind sharing?


Interesting. I have not seen that one yet.


I have not seen like that one yet. can any one tell me about that?

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I can see it on mine. But I have no idea how many returning buyers I have or how to count them. Enough to get me through a slow month with nearly no new buyers.

I have 5-7 buyers who purchased 20+ times. 2-3 buyers who purchased 70+ times. The rest of the returning buyers are probably within the 2-10 orders margin.


I’ve had a repeat buyer buy 15 tracks and I don’t see this?

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Which one, because I searched for your gig titles and I do not see it. Is it in the search pages or on your profile?

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It’s on the main one, above the slider. Desktop version. You can’t see it in search results, I think. Only when you go in. My other gigs have 25 and 5 sales in total. Not enough for anything “exceptional”.


Odd, because this is what I see. I am not doubting you, it is just odd I do not see what you do. I am on my desktop too. :thinking:

PS, I love the bright colors of your work!


I have no idea why would fiverr choose to inform me that I had returning buyers. :slight_smile: Maybe it works like “fiverr’s choice” - different people see it at different times. Although, unlike “fiverr’s choice”, this one sounds more like a metric and less like an editorial choice. So I’m not sure why introduce it just to switch it on and off.

PS Thank you.


I can actually see one in your proofreading Gigs too… maybe it is a test Fiverr is currently running


Actually, I can see it on all of your gigs, @vickiespencer. Including the one with 14 reviews. So it’s not based on the number of sales or reviews the gig has.


I was just looking at my profile and better selling gigs and I did not see it. @lenasemenkova things get more puzzling. I have it but I cannot see it. You see it but I cannot. :thinking:

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Yes - so i’m pretty sure it is some sort of a test they are running

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Basically the only work I get here on Fiverr these days is returning customers, but I don’t recall seeing the screenshot provided above by the OP.

I have seen things in a green banner saying something like, “@Username is a VIP, please be sure to make their experience a good one” or something like that.

How can you tell that those things don’t mean much to me?

I’ll have to keep an eye out to see if I come across any of these things from my repeat customers.

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The use of colors in a number of your images make me think I should be slack-jawed lying on an oversized bean bag, staring at a lava lamp and listening to “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” :smile:

It’s very striking!


Neat. I have that on one of my gigs. Fiverr’s always messing around with new stuff, it seems.

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I have it on my main gig but it isn’t visible when browsing incognito. Doesn’t make a difference either way, unless Fiverr decided to reward those with it by lowering the 20% fee to 15%. :slight_smile:

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We’ve had that in a different look before, “Hot Pick”, “has more returning customers than the average seller”, something like that, and I think it was a crown symbol, like “Top Buyers” have, or used to have.

Perhaps the metrics are
a) minimum of x repeat buyers (Lena wrote she has 5-7)
b) minimum of y sales for someone to be counted as repeat buyer

so you might fulfill metric b but not a. (The above screenshots say “… exceptional number of repeat buyers”)

thread from 2018: Hot pick for our buyers


Or it could be based on having a higher percentage of repeat buyers that I think the hot pick badge was based on, despite the wording - though that usually seemed to go to new sellers with only a few reviews so maybe calculation is different now and maybe it could be based on number of buyers (and other metrics) rather than percentage.

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I don’t see that anywhere on my gigs. I suppose it’s IP-related?