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New award for having returning clients (?) - how do we receive it?

i do see it on your gigs


30% of my clients are returning ones, but I can’t see it on any of my Gigs…

Geez, George, I checked all of your gigs, and I do not see it either. But the dang Fiverr :robot: thought I was an auto refresher because of my activity and made me go through 4 rounds of finding the pictures with a :bike: in them! :roll_eyes:


Yes, that also happens many times each time I want to open more than 5-6 chatboxes :slight_smile:

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Try having it do that almost every time you log in…

Funny that you mention that, I’m trying to make my aunt find and give me her lava lamp. The one I used to be hypnotized by as a kid. She for sure has it gathering dust somewhere and I can use all the magic I can get my hands on during this lockdown. Also, thank you. :slight_smile:

Returning buyers who come back for big custom offers is what brings a gig out of a sales drought, in my experience. Pretty quickly, too. 2-3 offers like that in a row and new buyers start pouring in. It’s a stat to pay attention to, for sure.

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Hi there,

I can see this Buyer Keep Returning on my Gigs. Just a few days ago I set two new gigs and I can see this on them as well!
If I can count I have more than 80 returning buyers mainly with custom offers


WOW! Is this a new badge?

No. This badge has been around for probably at least 5 years now. I have had it on my Gigs off and on for some time.



I had it in the past on my main profile page - but i didn’t see it for a few years. it’s the first time i’m seeing it in this form - and wonder what changed that now i don’t have it. I assume it’s related to other sellers’ numbers as well. if I recall correctly, in the past they said we have it because our numbers are above the average… so if the average changed…