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New Badge.... Regular


Hi everyone, Guess who received the REGULAR badge today. :sunglasses:
Just came back from university and saw it.
Now waiting for the day when Writer is granted with this badge as well. Sorry @writer99025 there was no Decline button. :neutral_face:


Banned people don’t get regular badges!

At least, that is my conclusion since I should be a regular, but because I over-enthusiastically told one of the most tiresome and tedious of posters to stop months ago, I am not ever going to be elevated to a prime position of regularship.



Yeah but thats not what matters. You are and You will be our all time favorite. If you leave this forum, there would be no fun. Thanks for all the laughs Emma. You are a GEM. :hugging:


Oh no, I’m not leaving the forum because of such trivia–I’m just pointing out why writer’s not going to be a Reg either.

(a mod may wish to step in and clarify my position if I’m wrong…)


No you are right. Check this.


Only for 100 days from the date of being banned. After that, if you had met the requirements (which you obviously should have) you can become a regular in the 101st day. I am sure you and writer will soon get the regular badge.

Btw -


Congratsss :heart_eyes:
I loved this badge with the names of @taverr and @djgodknows ,Love to see it with your name too.


YES! I’m a regular too!! Wehkom to da club

but it’s only visible to my eyes


Love too see regular on FORUM. :smile_cat:


Great, awesome :smiley:


How many badges are there and what are they?



Thanks :slight_smile: (I meant to only say ˝thanks˝ but was not allowed. It says it has to be at least 20 characters.


@saddu_writer Congrats :tada: :tada:

@aryytranslates next time if you face at least 20 characters problem. TYPE (20 Characters) after your comment :joy: :joy: :joy: and it will accept.

Am i Right? @anjylina :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha! okay :slight_smile: hfsdfhifhwhfwhf (that one last non-meaningful, unreadable word is just so I get 20 characters. It worked!


@miiila told a really better solution to 20 characters problem.Just click on a “Horizontal Rule” present on 3rd place from right hand side of your tool bar and you won’t need to type 20 characters @owais_raza :joy: Try it. .


let me try

Edit : Oh. It worked. Thanks @miiila and @anjylina :slight_smile:


@taverr Done?:joy:

You are welcome.


@saddu_writer The link you posted is correct for a default install of a Discourse forum. Fiverr has some settings customized, so the numbers may not all be identical and the forum is still being tweaked. For example, Regular flags may not have as much impact here as they would on a default install. So, anyone can technically get the Regular badge after enough time passes and a high enough trust score. It’s not something you can know you’ll get by just checking off the list since the trust score isn’t even displayed to moderators. Also, level 3 can be lost if you no longer meet the criteria. So, a Regular who isn’t on for a while and drops below the requirements will lose the Regular status until the requirements are met again.

Having or not having the badge doesn’t change the fact that all forum Members are appreciated regardless of their badge list. :slight_smile:


^This :clap: