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New Badge "Very Reliable" with a Big Question!

Hello Doers,
Fiverr is going to launch another badge named “Very Reliable”. It’s not observed from all devices so far but one of my friends just sent me a screenshot (see attached) showing that my gig has got the new badge.

Well Fiverr rolled out following badges/features to some random sellers in last year:

  1. Fiverr’s Choice
  2. Available Now
  3. Rising Talent
  4. Updated inbox
  5. Very Reliable

However, all of them remained in the “Beta version” and none of these features has not been rolled to all sellers even after 6 months.

So, in your opinion, Is Fiverr a

  • Marketplace
  • Experimental Lab
  • Toy

Though it is a marketplace. However, apparently, it looks like a "toy" with which Fiverr’s developers always seem to play and thus we constantly observe bugs and algo updates.

At the same time, Fiverr is also an “experimental lab” because the above-mentioned badges/features are rolled out in beta version but never launched officially.

Don’t you think, it’s injustice to promote certain sellers over others by offering them such distinguishing badges/features?
Looking forward to hearing back your valuable thoughts.
Thank you!
Best regards:


Ooh, interesting. What device is your friend seeing it on?

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He is using Macbook air…

Cool, thanks for that!

Sellers are the product. The badges are marketing labels.

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I think Experimental Lab lol. :rofl::rofl:

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So all the rest are not very reliable?


One should ask this from Fiverr CS. That’s why, I wrote

Oh, I’ve seen this too. When I place the cursor over the badge it says something about great fulfillment or something.

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