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New 📊 Analytics Page


Have you seen the new analytics page? Thoughts?

I like it. Seems more accurate with more useful information, especially how many orders are purchased gigs vs. custom offers and what sales would be like without cancelled orders.

New seller analytics is amazing
Any one noticed a new update of fiverr for Analytics page?

Mine is old :frowning: :frowning:


Can you post a screenshot please?


Mine is old too. Can’t wait to see new analytics page :slight_smile: share it please
@djgodknows is your analytics page is old too?


I guess so?

Anyone can post the new analytics page?


I am not comfortable posting a screen shot. It is much longer with many more options.


Would you mind using paint or any photo editing tool to wipe out areas?


@silberma1976 you could use fireshot screenshot extention of chrome to capture whole page screen shot.


Here you go. Where it tells you your levels, under TRS, it says the editorial team picks. I guess, they get tired of being asked. Let me know your thoughts.


thank you for that @silberma1976 that was enlightening.

suddenly a lot of Fiverr’s moves from 6 months back start to make sense.


already seen into a video but that’s amazing. and i’m waiting for mine one. :smiley:


Here’s a video that better explains everything.

courtesy of @michael78781


by the way thanks for sharing. :thumbsup:


I am also waiting to see my updated analytics screen.


You are welcome. I am surprised they did not roll it our site wide. I like it. Wish I had it before I did my taxes. Gives more insight. I no longer need a spreadsheet to see my average sale price, and it seems to be more accurate on what I actually make in a month vs what my spreadsheet says. If i get an order on Jan 31, and the order is closed on Feb 1, the earnings go to Feb. In my mind, the earning was in Jan when the order was purchased.


hahahahah quite funny :smiley:


Wow very cool to see!!


So this video is 6 months old??!?


Damn, youre right!!!

And why the heck is this not even on YouTube??



just about to say. I follow them on YT and now on Vimeo there are a bunch of videos I’ve never seen before.

I feel like we’re on Lost’s island and just watched a Dharma video.