New 📊 Analytics Page


Hidden gems of fiverr <3


What other videos are up that may not be relevant to what exist on the platform now?


I also have it, but it is broken for me (hmm let me try disabling ublock. Nothing. Let me try disabling my javascript switcher. Nothing. LOL I WANT MAH STATS)


eeeeerrrm soooooo how does one get this feature on their profile? I still have the good old one :smirk:


Dear Chic:

Fiverr typically rolls things out slowly, over time.

They rarely institute site-wide changes all at once, so hopefully one day soon you’ll wake up and find IT’S HAPPENED TO YOU!+

Good luck,
+It hasn’t happened yet for me, either.


Hasn’t roll out to my account just yet.

“You shall not roll!”


Oooh, neato. I like it.

I just have the old, shit page.


Thanks to Fiverr for new analytics page! This version is better.


Lol still waiting for support to fix my new page. Have not heard back yet. (and I tried the typical clear cookies and cache and try a different browser)


hover mouse over your icon,
Then Selling.
Analytics New

thats the only place its linked currently


Old one till now :disappointed: By the way it looks cool.



OLD :neutral_face: Not working for me…


DJ’s thing worked.

Well, this is awful. I can’t find anything to hate.


SO! I have 6 cancellations in the last 60 days.

3-- "I ordered by mistake"
2–"we cannot agree on price"
1–“I can’t do this”.

You see? If it were up to me, I would have virtually no cancellations. IT’S THE BUYERS! This is cool.


EXACTLY… Couldn’t agree more.


Just got the new page, and like it! (but agree with taverr on the hues of blue of the map)

Of course…it´s not so nice to see that my cancellation rate is down to 95%, all three cancellations that did that being because of ‘buyer accidents’, while

High performing sellers in Writing & Translation complete at least 97% of their orders

I don´t enjoy being called not high performing, because my buyers accidentally ordered 20 gig multiples instead of 2.
Actually if I´d be able to control my gig multiples, nobody ever could have ordered 20 multiples… :confused:


Yes, that bit irritated me slightly. If only one of my mutual cancellations was due to me being unable to complete the work (I can’t remember which gig it was now anyway), then why is it that buyer error makes my thing 95%…with a nagging 97% message too. Is it 97% across all categories? Be good to compare that when this feature has been made a bit more accessible…

Still though, having that information visible now means that if I were to have to make a case about “high cancellation rates” in future, I could demonstrate that the fault was not mine…


Uncle Fiverr will have something to say about THAT tho… :rolling_eyes:

Here’s mine:

Stemming from Buyer misunderstanding my gigs… le sigh

Is that a good choice tho… I usually don’t WANT to impose on the buyer that you are an IDIOT AND ordered without READING MY NUCLEAR WARNING :warning: signs on the gig… so I chose this option


:confused: My dropdown for ‘Top Cancellation Reasons’ by both seller and buyer says ‘Other’. Well. Very informative. Will start working on that.