New 📊 Analytics Page


Check it again, I had the same problem, and now it’s working just fine. :smile_cat:


Yeah, well I’m not doing $200+ worth of work for free, so Unky Fiverr can suck it.


Language! :scream_cat:


Yes, Emma, it is not ladylike to say something like ‘200$’, watch your language!


am I the only OLDY GOLDY here. :expressionless:


No you’re not. I cannot wait to get the new one too! Seems so useful! :smiley:


WOW , I’m still on old version. Can’t wait to see new version :dizzy:


Yeah. It is working fine now


got the analytics, everything is good except for the map, we need a bit of color there. The blue density thing on the old one was cool.

The pressure is on to get to that 97%… I just refuse to work for nasty clients.


YAY!!! This is so exciting! I LOVE this, no more manually tracking my monthly earnings on a spreadsheet, thank you fiverr!!! :grin:





Yet another pointless “upgrade” from Fiverr. There’s a personal pitch for their preferences and effectively NO useful tool whatsoever for sellers.

The analytics under “Manage-Gigs” is much more crucial. I don’t care “what I would have earned if I a gig wasn’t canceled” as it was CANCELED for a reason. You don’t “lose” what you don’t “have”. What I care about is, how many well does my offer convert with how frequently it is shown.

After all, does Fiverr really wish the “sellers” involved in the racist stunts by Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg had been “completed”?


I loved that new feature in fiverr


Mine just updated and it looks really nice compared to the previous (has that professional fell). But am left wondering where all those unique page views, gigs saved and conversation icons are?


I have a new analytics page. :heart_eyes:


I’ve been wishing for a simple graph of our earnings from month to month so wishes really do come true.


I like it…its more detailed and precise…will get to know more about my performances.:slight_smile:


Maybe it’s because you guys all built it up so much but I can’t help feel a bit “meh” about this.
I don’t see anything of real value has been added to it.