New 📊 Analytics Page


I am currently enjoying the new analytics and it i think maybe it’s because i am new to fiverr. I already dropped my first and i hope u check it out


I think the information is more visible and easily to figure out the reasons of cancellation issue.


Thanks to the mod for pinning this original post on the topic––I didn’t see it before the pin. :slight_smile: I really like the new one and I’m excited to review it more in depth when I have more time!


It’s really for motivation purposes. I like to see how I’m doing over the months.

Now if we could see exactly where each visitor came from and where each buyer came from, how they got to our gig with a simple tracking cookie that would be the ultimate.


Thanks @silberma1976 You choose the Nice Topic, I also Like New Look of Analytics Page, Specially Like Overview and Sales Area. Thanks #Fiverr :slight_smile:


Definitely, the new analytics page is very helpful, sometimes you don’t realize what’s going on over-time unless you keep track which can be hard to do when you’re super busy. This new analytics like misscrystal said above is great, showing earnings over the course of the year month to month.


you can visit analytics page from dashboard. :smiley:


I doubt we will ever find out where sales come from without asking ourselves how buyers found us. And there is nothing in TOS against that.


You are welcome. I was and still am so happy with it! I am in love!


Actually, I can’t be sure but I think they are probably thrilled those orders were completed. Even though their public response had to be temporarily shutting down the sellers involved in two of the stunts, the brand got to a lot more eyes. It’s even more so now that it’s blown up enough to make headlines with words like “Disney” in them. It doesn’t matter that the whole thing went sour for PDP, it matters that people might wander over to see what Fiverr is now.


I love the new analytics, BUT there is one great problem with it, namely the new order completion part as its very unfair and its giving a loop hole for some of the competition who loves to play unfairly. The real problem with this “punish the seller for mutual cancellation” design that it is giving a damned great chance for all the dirty competitors to take every top Gig out, namely they’ll make false orders for the top Gigs what the seller will have to cancel, then the Gig will lose its visibility very quickly, regardless how successful it was in the past. How many orders they have to make to take a single Gig below 97%? 5-10 orders? So basically you can take out every competitor seller with about $25-$50 what they even get back with the cancellation. This is a very-very bad design decision. Furthermore, beyond this, there are many clients who simply can’t understand what they read (i.e.: when you ask them to do not make an order until you speak with them about the details, yet they make a $5 order, for an order what would cost $500, then they want that job from you to make it immediately. And then this new system is punishing US, because we must cancel the order as the dear client is incompetent and unable to understand basic sentences.). So the new analytics is great, but Fiverr should throw this “mutual cancellation now affect order completion” out and give the old version back of it as that one worked. This new order completion system sucks as it is (See the details above.).


I Love this but color scheme is not good :smile:


I LOVE it! Now I can easily see how much I earn every day, every week, every year instead of guessing,lol! Great for tracking and incentive!


…then the smart seller will report them to CS for violating the ToS, and if they keep doing it, they will get removed from the site.


I agree with @catwriter that if some bad seller starts making fake orders and cancelling them to hurt a good seller, the good seller can report this to CS. CS will notice if there are suddenly a ton of new cancellations for invalid reasons. However, I want to add that even if this weren’t true, every seller has to utilize every opportunity to get attention to their own gigs in spite of cancellation rate or position in search.

There are simply too many sellers on Fiverr now to display everyone in the top few pages of search and it’s been that way for awhile. Some sellers have really panicked about it and blamed it on conspiracies or discrimination, but there is only so much room in search for all sellers. Search isn’t even guaranteed, some sellers who choose to sell services that aren’t in Fiverr’s current editorial focus don’t have their gigs displayed in search at all.

Each and every seller can make use of all the excellent promotional tools available. Fiverr Anywhere allows for funneling from a personal website to a gig. getting involved in niche forums can drive views to your gig. For example, if you sell logos, you want to be in small business forums where entrepreneurs need low cost logos or if you sell dog videos you want to be in forums for dog lovers.

You can even hire other people on Fiverr to help you promote yourself, but it has to reach the audience that needs your gig or it’s just useless. Those are just basics and some good marketing books can offer more ideas. Search will never be big enough to fill the needs of everyone who wants to sell here now.


i already use it,.

It is just awesome

give a new taste


I like new design!

Have more details and looks better!

That’s great Fiverr is updating website!!


Hope I get mine soon, finally I won’t be on the need of doing all the work manually on a tiring spreadsheet.


No use for getting more sales…


It is a great way to get sales. It gives you data to improve your gig and marketing to get sales.