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New Beta Pricing Feature

Let me first start off by saying I love that fact that fiverr introduced a beta version to test starting rates above $5. Because I had a gig in the animation category, I had the chance to test it out. I think it’s great we can still offer a base price of $5 but for some of my gigs (like explainer videos) I never sell a single $5 gig.

After implementing a base price of $50 for a month here are some observations

  1. The number of quality orders increased - I think because the gig is at a higher priced at a higher starting point there was more perceived value. This resulted in an increase in repeat business.

  2. The number of unnecessary messages decreased - I got hardly any messages saying "my budget is $5 what can you do for me. I think setting a higher price point eliminates a market of buyers only looking to spend $5 on a gig. While there is nothing wrong with that it is not conducive to every gig.

  3. The number of cancellations on that gig increased- My theory on this is that if I tweak my gig description and instructions the pricing structure will become more clear to potential buyers. I think because this is still a new concept buyers aren’t fully used to seeing, this will improve over time.

    Did anyone else try this? Thoughts?
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I would love to have this in my developers gig,
since work is almost always heavy and I have
to explain each buyer why not for 5$…

I love the idea to adjust the price, and a lot of the times extras are well worth more than $5. I want to create wealth for each individual by providing help with their full time gig.

so this feature can apply on any level?? on any category?

Fun fact is, may be this feature isn’t enabled for my category Yet,

I cannot wait to consolidate suite of services to a more compelling and complete solution.

I’m waiting to see when this appears for my account.

This should be introduce to everyone. Yes we can still deliver gigs for $5 why not. But almost everyone have a gig where $5 is just nothing and we waist time explaining to our buyers why they need to order extra. Did they order? Some time yes but most of the time nothing happened.
So i think is good idea this option to be available soon.

I was waiting for this feature for a long time, and posted the request about it, previously. I am excited to have this feature rolled out soon.

i would say yes to this feature, cause doing infographic also a heavy job too, one complex info need 6-8 hour to complete.

I sell dentures direct to clients from my website.
For years, since I came to Fiverr, I was itching to offer those dentures through this channel.
What stopped me was the fact of having to create A LOT of gigs to bring me up to $295!
This $50 gig is a game changer!
Thank you, Fiverr!

How do we find out what categories this is available for?

Since this is in Beta now, and you seem to be having success - Any idea when it’ll roll out for everyone?

I have been very clear about what I’m willing to do for only $5, and it’s something that’s really not worth anyone ordering, so it makes it feel like I’m misleading potential clients with false advertising. My normal minimum is $25 and my average order is $45-50. Since upping my rates, my number of orders has gone way down, but my income has stayed the same.

I wish there was a way as a musician to say “Of course I’ll play the whole song, that doesn’t cost extra” but when they order just $5 and I say “ok, send me pre-written sheet music, a backing track with the tempo for click and the exact times [mm:ss]-[mm:ss] you want me to play up to 15 seconds total” then I seem like I’m being unfair.

This feature will DEFINITELY make my business run more smoothly, and I think customers will have a better understanding of what the real world market is really like. no more “that’s fine, I’ll get some other guy to do it for $5” because that other guy won’t do it either!

I love to have this in my autocad gig

Very cool feature! I’m glad it’s here. Yes, I agree it might take a while for the fiverr visitors to get used to seeing gigs that start at a higher price point but shouldn’t be long before they see higher value being offered as something standard at fiverr. Love it!

Feels like I had to limit my creativity to stuff that was only worth $5 and a few extras, but now I can expand my creative gigs to be much fuller and richer in content, and at a price that works for buyer and seller.

Very cool, very cool! Going to get me some coffee (yum!) and start thinking up of gigs to join the beta testing.


I love this idea. I do mostly copywriting gigs and try to differentiate my services from others on the platform based on my quality and expertise. I won’t write more than a sentence for $5. Having a higher starting price would save me a lot of messaging and more clearly communicate the quality and value I offer.

I do wonder what affect offering higher starting prices will have on the Fiverr brand.

Wow, hope to see this feature in all categories if so soon.

I Like the Idea! It gives us the flexibility to give a total picture of what our gig entails, and customers would pay a greater amount for what they believe is higher quality of work.

I like the idea and I’m eagerly waiting for it to be activated on my account. I’m a medical writer and a doctor. It’s very difficult to explain to clients why every article is not $5 and I’m paid $50 per article outside fiverr.

My perspective is different since I am not a seller, but a buyer instead. For me, the whole idea of fiverr is that you know that everything is going to start at $5 (thus the name of the site). I have purchased multiple things through fiverr over the past couple of months and I really enjoy knowing that when I need something quick, I can jump on and put out my $5 and get it done. Of course I have paid more than $5 for most of my little projects, but to start seeing things priced at $50 as the starting price kind of defeats the purpose of fiverr to me. It seems like jobs that are going to have a base price beyond $5 belong someplace else, like Fragglesrock or Fragglesrock.