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New beta yet again. ADS

Who is in the switch room today?

Interestingly enough, these aren’t paid for but rather “suggested” Fiverr ads.


@thecreativeguys Even I was here looking for answers for this.

some time Ago (a moth or two) I got a message from fiverr asking if I would like to pay per click for the GIG and I think that was fot this.

I selected No at that time as I was in hurry and did not read properly.

May be If I clicked yes at that time I would have got this option.

I think they are testing how the buyers react to this.


Few seller gig showing “AD”.

I remember, This ad feature was introduce around a year ago then fiverr draw that. Is that back again?

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looks like it’s available only few categories.

What the purpose of AD in gigs?


As previously introduced - Fiverr team do select gig for the “AD”. Seller can choose a few % amount to their sells revenue for the gig ad.

But that was previous rule. I don’t have any idea about new rules of ad.!!

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Thank you for your kind response.


so, are we (sellers) will get passive income from it ? Please use my gigs then :hugs:

thnx for the information sir

or might be, the buyers will confuse with this and then place an order to random gigs services :roll_eyes:

My personal thought - This Ad feature should not be for TRS. Because trs do get order automatically then why they need it. :slight_smile:

your thought can be different than mine!!

is that true ? :scream:

Of course it isn’t - top rated sellers get/don’t get orders just like the rest of us. :wink:


And the fact is these “ADS” are only shown when you are not signed up.
Signed in:
When not signed in.

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But who is doing the advertising? Just Fiverr? eg. one of my gigs is showing “Ad” when not signed in, but I didn’t ask for or pay for it to be advertised, and I wasn’t asked about a percentage of earnings. Surely Fiverr should say (eg. let forum users know and maybe somewhere else on the site like a help page) how the “Ad” thing currently works (who decides which gigs show “Ad”, who pays and what is paid, etc.).

Maybe Fiverr are currently just trialling the “Ad” display before actually asking sellers to pay for their gigs to be advertised.


I am expecting a lot of replies to this conversation.
There aren’t many as of now. But I am sure this news will spread as fire in the forest

Reality is a bit different when compared to your thoughts…

TRS do not get automatic sales whenever they need them.

That’s an absurd claim if ever I saw one.


Wouldn’t that be a nice bonus! I have to work to get orders. Sometimes I have lots of orders. Sometimes I have long stretches without any new orders. But, there are lot of things you can do, regardless of your level, to increase your orders. But, they all take more work than wishing you could live the easy life of a TRS seller.


After having a great month I can confidently say that June is going to be pretty damn bad looking at all the new changes that are happening.