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New Bug - Please Fix ASAP


Yesterday a buyer ordered 2 minutes of video editing with a voice over from me. Sadly, because I don’t offer video editing or voiceovers in any of my gigs, I was forced to cancel.

The buyer agreed to cancel immediately, however, I have just now been notified that I have 12-hours left to deliver this order.

Yes, I am being advised to deliver an order which does not exist. In this case, please look into this, as if I also get flagged for delivering this imaginary order late, that really will be the last straw.


Yeah I also noticed this bug yesterday, but mine case was bit different.
I already received one time notification for delivering soon because less than 12 hrs were left. I delivered the order before deadline… Then buyer requested revision and he was wanting to add some more requirements to the current order. . I sent offer of extra cost and he accepted. Then after few mins I received this notification again. It was may be due to offer I sent but not exactly sure because the order was in revision.


Did you inform CS? This is really bad.


I may if I get marked down in 12-hours for late delivery. I hate contacting CS, though.


Informing CS has proved unsuccessful for me. I have been trying to contact CS about a message bug, through the help center and I get a message that says “Delivery Failed - try again later”. I have tried several times without success.

I have tried sending the CS message using 3 different browsers, and I have also sent an email to with no response.

The sad part is… this will probably demote me due to my response rate dropping.

There’s no winning :confused:


Not sure if it’s a bug or not , but recently – I have had a few orders that the timer started ticking even after using the resolution center, asking for more info via an extension - etc, so I can collect everything needed to – start the order. Before using the resolution center would to put the order on PAUSE… (I think…) …:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

In a nutshell :chestnut:- order starts :alarm_clock: when you don’t have everything needed to BEGIN the order - and you have to HOPE that the buyer comes back, within a reasonable time (before the order is DUE) to avoid :expressionless:

  1. Delivered on time
  2. Orders Completed.

I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place because I (first and fornost) try and retain the order - so I don’t ask for a cancellation, I ask for an extension - but often times, buyers place an order, and don’t come back for 24 hours - in which case cancelling would have been the best option –

However - all of the above scenarios = My analytics screwed.


You can still try Twitter and also get banned :joy:


Would have to open a Twitter account first, so they could ban me.