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New buyer and 5 star review expectations

Hello, am new and paid for a service that was good but not perfect. I should have done more research before I locked in my rating and didn’t realize just giving two 4/5s would lower the score like it did.
On one hand I didn’t think it was the service was perfect but wish I had given only one 4/5 score. I tried to apologize (maybe my mistake here) to the buyer and I got the impression I ruined this persons life and I’m a bad person etc.
so I learned, sort of, but wanted to post here because I was not sure if 5 star ratings are the expected norm (unless the service is a scam or super bad).
I read an older post about this topic but it was from 2018 so asking if someone can give me some info plz? I want to be fair and can give high ratings but I personally think 5/5 perfect should be for cases where the seller goes the extra mile and not the bare minimum. I realize opinion is subjective but I feel kind of bad…


I would much rather have a buyer request a revision than rate me less than five stars. I understand that some buyers reserve perfect 5-star ratings for projects that blow them out of the water, but communication is the key to getting your desired results.

I don’t see my 4.3 and 4.7 star ratings as an insult, but none of my less than 5-star ratings came from buyers who requested a revision and communicated with me throughout the process.


Thanks for the feedback and I can only move forward. I plan to generally give 5 stars and yea, my bad, I should have communicated with the seller, especially since I’m the newbie.
Lesson learned…and thanks again for taking the time to respond.

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I hate the rating system on Fiverr so much. I doesn’t encourage Buyers to be precise and honest in their reviews, because everything that is rated less than five star treat the Seller like he is the worst scammer on earth. I mean if I see a book, a movie or a restaurant rated 4 stars on a website, I assume it a pretty good one. But Fiverr doesn’t work that way, and it results in good new buyers doing harm to seller’s businesses unintentionally.

Sorry for the little rant, I feel better now, lol.


I have 500+ 5-Star ratings. What I don’t usually talk about is the handful of 4-Star reviews I have and that one 2-Star review.

As a Seller, I NEVER expect a review.

Once I have completed my part of the contract, I’m done. If the Buyer feels that they should give me a nice compliment in the form of a 5-Star review, that’s great.

To be honest with you, I’d rather get a Tip.

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