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New buyer and total tech fail

Can somebody pls help, this FIVERR experience which was meant to save me so much time has been full of technical problems.
I need a company branding / logo which I don’t have time to do myself. I found a seller 18 hrs ago and paid several hundred dollars but am completely unable to communicate with them. He is sending me messages and I can’t respond. If i follow the email link from the message I just get an empty Fiverr page with all the links down the bottom. I’ve tried this on Google chrome on 2 different laptops multiple times. When I press on the Help / Support button it just refreshes on the same page with no ability to contact anyone. I’ve searched what is the best browser for Fiverr and it says Chrome.

I hoped the problem would be fixed overnight however have tried again this morning and the same problems. I have more emails from the seller asking why I’m not responding to him but I can’t!! I have been able to get into the direct messages part (next to the inbox which says it is empty despite the messages) however he is not responding to the messages there. I’m really frustrated at this experience.

I’ve now Googled for forum.fiver which was the only way I can get in here.
This experience which was meant to save so many hours time is now costing me hours of time and I’m incredibly disappointed. Can somebody pls help or send me email / number for tech support. This is the screen I see if I click on any link, message from my email etc. i.e., blank except for the footer Categories, About, Support etc)

Thank you


Please try to contact customer support. Only They can help you Thank You

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Here is the link for Customer Support:


Is it solved? Already.

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Thank you. No it is not yet solved. I have posted the Customer Support ticket about an hr ago. It said 24-48 hrs response. I have been able to upload docs on IE at least!

Frustratingly I received no confirmation of my support ticket by email and if I go to the “My support requests” it says I have none. Given it also says I have no orders I am no longer surprised.

I have never heard of this happening.
I would suggest for you to try to download fiverr app and try to login to your account from there and go directly to your messages and your order (without using an email link)


Thank you. I have managed to contact him on IE although I only have partial functionality.

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I use Windows 10 Is this a Fiverr app on phone or desktop? I don’t want Fiverr on my phone. Thanks for responding.

Thank you everyone for your support. I have got nowhere with customer support and when I submit the tech request ticket I get looped back to the tech request page saying I have no tickets open. Here is my latest communication.

I don’t see what’s the problem with having app on your phone if that might solve your problem way faster. Especially when you can delete the app any time

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Thanks Maria. I’m in touch with buyer on IE so the communication problem with Seller is temporarily resolved. My problem now is that the technical dept are not getting my support requests to fix the problem on Chrome going forward.

I scanned through your messages here, and didn’t see mention of you performing a total cache clearout on your browser. This may have been the first thing you did… but if not, I’d definitely recommend it. Whenever Fiverr seems to have issues that seem unique to me (this issue does appear to be unique to you), it’s almost always something like that. You mention that you want support to fix the issue on Chrome… but I (and I suspect, thousands of others) are using Fiverr on Chrome without issue. So it does sound like the problem is more localised to your browser/IP/laptop.


Thanks Cubit. Yes exactly - I saw the Fiverr was fine in Chrome hence going with it. I had cleared out my cache so it’s not that. I’d allowed all permissions. The only thing I can think of is anti-virus? I use NAV which is very common so I can’t be the 1st one who has run into this problem. It’s a fairly new laptop and I have an IT background and can usually sort things out myself but this one is beyond me. The inability to contact tech support is the worst part because I’m stuck.

Welcome to the Fiverr forums. Sorry to hear your first experience has been a poor one.
What happens if you type (replace 'username with your seller’s username) directly into the address bar?

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