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New buyer asking for cancellation before any revisions


So I’ve delivered a product as described in my gig, it’s taken me around 6 hours to complete and I’ve delivered what I believe to be a quality product.

The newly registered buyer (Feb 2020) with no reviews immediately asks if I’d be willing to cancel because he does not want to waste any more of my time and that he doesn’t think we are going to achieve what he was looking for.

The product is a mixing and mastering of a song, where the quality of the delivered product is often quite subjective and requires communication between buyer and seller to get it as they like it. But he is not providing much, if any helpful objective or subjective criticism of the end product and seems to want to push towards a quick cancel.

My question is - Have any other sellers on here had any similar situations to this and has the outcome ever been positive one? And does anyone have any experience where customer service have helped you out or investigated the new users authenticity?

Thanks in advance for any replies



Tell your buyer they have already benefited from 6-hours of your time. In this case, they can jog on.

Word things a bit more politely than that. Quote them some Fiverr TOS about personal preference not being a valid reason to cancel an order, and say that you have had a colleague look over your work and can find no justifiable reason to cancel.

Likely, this person has every intention to use what you have produced, so put your foot down.


i have had similar experiences before. You need to know your work’s worth. So what i mean is if you have spent 6 hours of your time to do this work and the price justifies this, then contact your customer and politely explain that you have worked on this extensively. If you offer revisions be willing to go above and beyond and try to make this customer have a good experience, but do not let this customer do as they wish with you either. if you have provided quality work, and some revisions and still they want to cancel it, contact fiverr support and explain the situation, and report the buyer. Other than that you just have to be ok that you did your job as best as you could. Is part of being in this business, not every buyer will be happy with our work, so keep going and don’t look back. Hope this issue is resolved positively :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply dude.

Now I’m keen to keep a 4.9 - 5.0* rating on the gig and fear that putting my foot down will result in a bad review. Is this simply something sellers just have to deal with on Fiverr?


I have come across a similar incident which happened to me last week. I did my work as per the requirements submitted and delivered the final product. We went through 2 revisions. When I delivered it for the third time, I knew that now the order will be accepted because all the amendments in the design were made.

Still confused about what would prompt buyer to immediately ask me to cancel the order. That was my first ever cancellation on fiverr (excluding chargebacks). Still hurts :(((

You are in a difficult situation as a newer seller. So you need to make the hard choice of either giving him the cancellation or risking a bad review. I’m so sorry you had this experience. Most buyers are not like this.

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Oh man, that is not good.

Customer support will support you as it is clearly stated in the TOS that thay cannot cancell an order based on quality.

You have 129 reviews.

  1. case/ is: customer support are behind you, so they dont cancel, but it is highly probable that you take a 1* review from customer. Will this bring your review note bellow 4.7? If not, you can go this way, and you’ll keep the money. You must calculate the rating for orders during the last 60 days.

  2. case You accept to cancell, you lose the money. Will this bring your order completion rate bellow 90%. You must caclulate it for the last 60 days as well.

Which case are you? Because rating bellow 4.7 and order completion rate bellow 90% can pose problems for your gig and seller level.


Yeah I completely get you and I genuinely have no issue with people who aren’t entirely happy with the product I provide. I know from my years of experience in music that the quality I provide is worth much more than cost. But when the buyer can’t or is unwilling to provide feedback and wants to cancel, can customer supper help sellers? Or are we always going to be held to ransom by the fear of bad reviews?

My feeling in these cases is that the buyer knew from the start they would ask for a cancellation. Customer service’s hands are tied and they can’t force the buyer to accept anything. It’s all down to you and what you are the least uncomfortable with.

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Yes. You will likely also stand more to lose by cancelling, as this could affect your gig placement and the number of future orders you get. If you cancel, you also let this person know you are a pushover. If you do that, there is nothing to stop them creating a new account, ordering, and doing the same thing over.

Every business in the world would fail if it was standard policy to work for 6-hours, then resign to not getting paid. You have 129 reviews. You can take the hit with a bad one.

No. They just tell you that they can’t force buyers to accept delivery. Unless a buyer has stormed your home and is threatening you at gunpoint, you are pretty much on your own.

Not giving any reason for wanting to cancel is a sure sign of this. However, you can turn the tables on some buyers by reminding them that if they do cancel and use delivered work, this will result in takedown requests being levied against any web host you later find publishing material online.

This usually sends scammers scurrying with their tail between their legs. However, it can also escalate the situation. In this case, you have to be careful how you word things when you pull out the big guns.


As per TOS they cannot force the buyer to accept the order, and they will cancel it only if something against TOS has being done by the buyer. So the best you can do is report them if you feel they have done something wrong and just go and focus on the positive side of other good clients. Lastly you can also ask customer support to cancel it if you don’t want to deal with it…


Thanks for that man! I appreciate the info and support, it’s been extremely helpful. I’ll update the thread once it’s been resolved and hopefully the resolution will help inform others who feel they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place too.


“Yes. You will likely also stand more to lose by cancelling, as this could affect your gig placement and the number of future orders you get.”

This is a tough call imo. Sure, losing a level due to under 90% completion may be annoying … but that is gone, forever, in 60 days. As if it never existed. All stats except reviews only matter for the trailing 60 days. A one star review stays on your profile and impacts your account rating metric… forever.

In the short term, if you get demoted, rank worse, etc. the cancelation is bad. But mid-long term the review is worse. Ofc with the review, you get paid. I would say the choice depends on that - I would rather cancel than get a 1 star review for $5. But on a $5000 order…

Keep in mind that cancelling an order sinks that gig’s ranking in search. For example, if your gig was on page 2 for relevant keywords, after a single cancellation, you could suddenly find it on page 5. Or 15. And it could stay there for who knows how long.

Fiverr really doesn’t like it when an order is cancelled.

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Yes, that is true, but ranking in search is not definitive. A bad review is, it will never go away.

It’s worth getting compensated for my work in my opinion, and what is a few bad reviews in a pile of potentially hundreds/thousands of good ones?


That will depend on what you do.

If you go for low price, high volume - meh, is $5 worth a bad review? I don’t think so, but then again it will get buried in hundreds of other reviews, so it won’t matter much.

If you go for low volume high price - maybe it is worth the money, but then again you will have few reviews, so a single bad one can have a very big effect. I get 2-5 reviews per month on average. I don’t want a bad review at any cost, pretty much. If I had to put a price on what a 1 star review is worth for me (like, how much you would have to pay me for me to accept a one star review from you, no work involved), I would say at least mid 4 figures.

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You can always leave like a watermark, 5 seconds white noise here and there to avoid that the track to be used,


In my Personal experience and opinion if anyone faces this issue cancel the order without even thinking twice about it, the buyer will definitely leave a negative feedback if you will not cancel the order which will effect not only your future sales but also affect your ratings and rankings
Best Regards

So if I order your gig and you deliver, you will cancel if I ask you to?